Side by Side Utility ATVs

  1. Projector beam headlights with LED accent lighting Click To View

  2. Stainless steel bumpers

  3. 3000 lb/ 3500 lb winch Click To View

  4. Automotive grade paint

  5. Knobby CST brand tires Click To View

  6. Compression and rebound adjustable shocks

  7. 12″ Ground clearance

  8. Aluminum A arm protection plates

Side by Side Utility ATVs

  1. High Intensity projecter-beam headlights
  2. 3-point seat belts with alarm light
  3. 3000 lb. winch-standard
  4. Dual adjustable side mirrors
  5. Latched doors

Side by Side Utility ATVs

  1. Passive shoulder restraint

  2. Protector side rail with side nets (not shown)

  3. Fender flares for mud protection

  4. 14″ Alloy wheels Click To View

  5. Pneumatic assist dump lever Click To View

Side by Side Utility ATVs

  1. Passenger handlebar

  2. 7 Gallon fuel tank

  3. 4 Wheel disc brakes

  4. Side frame protector

Side by Side Utility ATVs

  1. Muffler/catalytic convertor

  2. R.O.P.S. certified cage

  3. Drop down tailgate

Side by Side Utility ATVs

  1. LED tail/brake lights Click To View

  2. Nitrogen reservoir gas shocks

  3. Rear hitch 2″ Click To View

Side by Side Utility ATVs

  1. Contour molded roof

  2. Steering wheel adjustment shock

  3. 500cc or 800 cc V twin, liquid cooled, EFI, engine Click To View

  4. Torque sensing EPS

  5. Side doors

Side by Side Utility ATVs

  1. Security handles

  2. Safety reflectors

  3. Cargo down loops

  4. Dual rear view mirrors Click To View


CFMOTO’s line of no-nonsense utility side by sides has the power, torque, and towing capacity to get things done. Period. You don’t have the time to deal with a machine that does anything less than everything you ask of it, so we built you something better. Stuck between the side by side utility vehicles and the sport models? Check the specs:


  • Slim and wide frame options
  • Cargo netting
  • Driven clutch with wet clutch engagement
  • Front and rear stainless steel bumpers


  • Safety doors standard
  • Large cargo dump box with nitrogen gas spring assist lift
  • Comfortable cabin with cup holders, ergonomic seating, locking glove box and more
  • Impressive towing capacity and torque

Feel The Power

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