Off-Road ATVs

  1. Projector beam headlights Click To View

  2. Stainless steel bumpers Click To View

  3. 3000 lb winch

  4. Automotive grade paint

  5. Knobby CST brand tires Click To View

  6. Aluminum A arms

  7. Aluminum A arm covers

Off-Road ATVs

  1. Front heavy duty steel rack

  2. Fender flares for mud protection

  3. 14″ Alloy wheels Click To View

  4. Brush and elements hand protectors

Off-Road ATVs

  1. Passenger handlebar

  2. Adjustable front and rear shocks Click To View

  3. 4 Wheel disc brakes

  4. Integral trim and heat shield

  5. Contour molded 2 up seating

Off-Road ATVs

  1. Rear heavy duty rack

  2. Rear stainless steel bumper

  3. Passenger backrest
  4. Rear stowage compartment

Off-Road ATVs

  1. LED tail/brake lights Click To View

  2. Remote reservoir gas shocks

  3. Dual rear A arm suspension

  4. Rear hitch 2″

Off-Road ATVs

  1. Rear stainless steel bumper

  2. Rear reflectors

  3. On demand 4WD

Off-Road ATVs

  1. Wide fender flares

  2. Alloy rims

  3. Contoured 2 up seating

  4. Passenger security handle bar Click To View

  5. Passenger back rest Click To View

Off-Road ATVs

  1. F/R adjustable shocks

  2. Front stainless steel bumpers

  3. Engine- 400cc, 500cc or 800cc liquid cooled, EFI Click To View


Each model in CFMOTO’s full line of all terrain vehicles is engineered to push the limits. Whether you prefer the total-body handling of our cutting-edge four wheelers, or the wider profile of our full-throttle side by sides, all of our off road vehicles give you the raw power and turn-on-a-dime agility for a ride unlike any other. Not sure which style vehicle is right for you? Here’s the lowdown:


  • Saddle-seat, interactive riding
  • Cage-less
  • Hand controlled acceleration and braking
  • Rack storage

Side X Sides

  • Side-by-side, car-style seating
  • Cage
  • Pedal controlled acceleration and braking
  • Dump box/net storage

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