CFMOTO is not your average ATV manufacturer, just like your dealership is not your average ATV dealer. We don’t just build vehicles that are feature-rich, performance strong, and provide lasting value; we understand the importance of building lasting relationships with our dealers and our customers. At CFMOTO, we’re here to help you increase profitability, enhance customer retention, and keep inventory moving by providing comprehensive support in every stage of the sales cycle. Your success is our success, which is why we go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals.

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Top 10 Reasons To Become A CFMOTO Dealer

1. Profit Margins

CFMOTO dealers report profit margins that can be double the percentage they’re earning from other OEMs. “The profit margin, in all honesty, for CFMOTO is so much better than anything else I sell,” said Randy Bedeaux, co-owner of Leo’s South in Lakeville, Minnesota.

2. The Vehicles Sell

It’s not uncommon for CFMOTO sales to account for 45-75 percent of a dealer’s off-road powersports sales. “It’s positioned itself, for me, as my best seller,” said Steve Buttorff, owner of Buttorff’s Sales & Service in Hartleton, Pennsylvania.

3. Dealer Support

CFMOTO has its dealers’ backs. The brand has launched a Dealer Experience Department; it has about $1 million in parts inventory in Minnesota, and it plans to launch an improved ordering system this year. “The company itself, one, listens to what the dealers and consumers are asking for, and two, they stand behind their product,” said Blake Besser, general manager of Besser’s Bike Barn in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota.

4. Flexible Ordering

CFMOTO allows dealers to order year-round, requiring them to only carry what they want to stock. “Our flexibility to be able to order the units we need has worked really well,” said Todd Myers, owner of Avalanche Motorsports in Washington, North Carolina, adding that he can easily adjust his order to what’s selling in a particular season.


5. Territory Protection

Even as CFMOTO USA plans to increase its dealer count by 100 this year, that still pales in comparison to OEMs that have oversaturated their dealer networks. “They don’t pile dealers right on top of each other. They try to give us 40-50 miles to work with, in terms of dealer territory, which is nice,” reported Blake Besser, general manager of Besser’s Bike Barn in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota.

6. High-Quality Vehicles

“Initial quality is as good as anything,” said Todd Myers, owner of Avalanche Motorsports in Washington, North Carolina. “Be confident in the quality.” CFMOTO’s vehicles are developed and built at the company’s 1.6 million-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility in Hangzhou, China. Many dealers are so impressed by the factory that they have a banner featuring a photo of it in their showrooms.

7. Referral Business

Because customers can count on the quality and reliability of their CFMOTO vehicles, they’re referring their friends and family to the brand. “We have CFMOTO brand loyalty,” said JT Mattas, owner of Mattas Motorsports in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

8. Head-to-Head Performance

When CFMOTO ATVs and side-by-sides are pitted up against competitors’ vehicles, not only do they have more features for a less expensive price, but they also perform well in demo rides. “Test rides are really important. When they come back off of that ZFORCE 800, they say, ‘Wow, this thing runs,’” reported Steve Buttorff, owner of Buttorff’s Sales & Service in Hartleton, Pennsylvania.

9. Customers Save

Leo’s South in Lakeville, Minnesota, reports customers are bringing their CFMOTOs back to the dealership for routine maintenance more frequently than customers of other brands. Randy Bedeaux, co-owner of Leo’s South, suspects it’s because they didn’t blow their entire savings on the vehicle. “The CFMOTO [customers], they’re not spending every dollar they have on it, so they can afford to do maintenance,” he said. “It brings in more revenue.”

10. CFMOTO Powersports History

CFMOTO USA is backed by 27-year-old CFMOTO Powersports, and its president Mr. Lai is committed to the U.S. market. “Our number one pitch is the background of CFMOTO. It’s not a fly-by-night, off-brand unit. It’s a worldwide brand,” said Jerry “Junior” Whitted, general manager of Town & Country Sports Center in Cement City, Michigan.

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Beyond Compare

“We sell 80% CFMOTO to our other lines of similar product. That’s because a customer will spend a lot less on a CFMOTO and get just as much vehicle. The margins on CFMOTO are light-years better. We make more profit dollars selling a CFMOTO at $4595 retail than we do selling a 4-seater with an MSRP of over $23,000. You would be crazy not to take on the CFMOTO line in your store.”

-Randy Bedeaux, Leo’s South, Lakeville, MN

No Pressure

“Profits are out of this world. In fact, it competes with the margins on used vehicles.”

-Blake Besser, Besser’s Bike Barn, Sauk Rapids, MN


“You can expect CFMOTO to be 10-25% of your sales in this year depending upon your product mix. In year two you will double the sales you did in year one as referrals and word of mouth start to kick in. In year three it’s hard to say what happens here but referrals really start to kick in. People will say, “I’ve seen/ heard a lot about the CFMOTOs.”

-Steve Buttorff, Buttorff’s Sales & Service, Hartleton, PA

Mattas Motorsports

“We are not your typical CFMOTO dealer. So that lit a fire underneath us and we really wanted to show that we could move the brand. We position CFMOTO as our leading brand— the best. The CFMOTO engines are proven. Parts availability and service of warranties are also proven. Compared with the other brands we sell way, way more CFMOTOs. We carry more CFMOTOs than any other brand. CFMOTO is 65-70% of our sales mix.”

-JT Mattas, Mattas Motorsports, Altoona, PA

Town & Country Sports Center

“We know our numbers. Before CFMOTO we were trying to find that niche product at a price point with reliable parts and service without sacrificing our reputation or quality of product. CFMOTO is no fly by night- they are a real player in the power- sports business. WE can tell a great story. CFMOTO has a giant factory in China and an alliance with KTM in China. Customers need to know that
CFMOTO has a quality product that will be backed up by the dealer and CFMOTO USA.”

-Tom Petitto, Town & Country Sports Center, Cement City, MI


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