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Tips for New CFMOTO Riders

Welcome to the world of CFMOTO ATVs and CFMOTO Side by Sides! As an ATV company and side by side manufacturer, we hereby extend the warmest of greetings to you, new rider. We promise you won’t regret your purchase. Our machines are made to be tough and easily handled, making them ideal for the novice and expert rider alike. With their sheer power and maneuverability, you’ll be free to experience all the adrenaline rushes and great times safely and confidently.

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7 Reasons Why a Side x Side Is a Farmer’s Best Friend

If you work in the agriculture industry, your days are no doubt long and challenging. Even though you wouldn’t change your lifestyle for the world, you face several gruelling challenges on a day-to-day basis: fixing fencing, stacking hay, setting posts, tending fields, nursing sick livestock, birthing animals, and other everyday chores. Farmers and agricultural workers set themselves apart by their willingness to buckle down and get to work, even if they’re not completely confident with the task at hand.

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What Is a Naked Bike?

Looking into purchasing a motorcycle? Here's what you need to know about the sleek, comfortable naked bikes at CFMOTO.

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Should Your First Motorcycle Be a Sport Bike or a Naked Bike?

When you decide to buy your first motorcycle, picking out the right kind of bike is a big, exciting step. Two of the main motorcycle styles that are perfect for newer riders are sport bikes and naked bikes. Both of these options have a sleek appearance, great handleability, and many advantages, but there are some differences between the two.

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