No matter if you’re a seasoned rider or a new rider, there is a checklist you should prepare before you go on any riding excursion. In addition to making sure your ATV or side-by-side vehicle is in working order, there are other key pieces you should pack and double check before heading out. Not only will being prepared help ease your mind while you’re on the trail, but it will also protect you if something were to actually happen. Here, our experts at CFMOTO will discuss some things you should do and prepare for before taking your recreational vehicle out.

●      Create and Follow a Checklist

One of the easiest ways to ensure you are fully prepared for your ATV or side-by-side excursion is to create a checklist of everything you need to examine and pack before you leave. Even if you have been riding for years, you may overlook simple tools and accessories you can bring along that may end up being helpful if something unexpected were to happen to you on the trails.


Examples of tasks to include on your checklist are:

○        Filling your gas tank

○        Checking the tire pressure with an ATV-designated pressure gauge

○        Making sure the brakes and other mechanisms are properly functioning


●      Bring Your Toolkit

Every time you purchase a recreational vehicle from CFMOTO, we will include a basic toolkit for your use. This toolkit always includes pliers, a screwdriver, various wrenches, and more. If you’re a frequent rider, you may want to consider bringing along a bigger toolkit that has more options if something were to happen to your machine. No matter how long you have been riding, you should always bring a toolkit with you just in case.

●      Create and Pack an Emergency Kit

Every time you are planning to go on a ride with your ATV or side-by-side vehicle, no matter if it has been planned long in advance or it is impromptu, you should always pack an emergency kit. You never know what is going to happen, and ensuring you are prepared for as many circumstances as possible is crucial. Some basics you should always bring along on your ride include:


○        Bungee cords

○        Spare tire

○        First aid kit

○        Extra water and food

○        Extra clothing or protective gear

○        Maps


●      Wear Protective Gear

While riding recreational vehicles is fun and gives you a sense of freedom, it is also risky. If you’re careful and don’t make reckless decisions, you may be fine; but even if you are careful, something can still happen while you’re on the trails. For that reason, you should always wear protective gear while riding. Helmets are obviously essential, but riding boots, gloves, long-sleeved shirts, and pants can also help protect you from flying debris. Safety gear protects you from minor injuries and can save your life if you get into an accident.

●      Bring Your Phone

You should always have your phone with you while you ride just in case something were to happen. The best trails for off-road vehicles are typically in the middle of nowhere, and, therefore, slightly dangerous if something were to happen on your ride. If you have an accident or simply run out of gas during your ride, you can call for help so you’re not stuck in no man’s land with no way to contact help.

●      Formulate a Plan and Stick to it

Before you go out for a ride, you should do your research and see how difficult each riding trail is. Typically, each riding trail is categorized as beginner, intermediate, or advanced. You know how skilled of a rider you are based on your own experiences. To keep yourself and your fellow riders safe, you should always ensure you’re a master at each skill level before advancing to the next.

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