Whether you’re a new rider or a veteran, it’s important to follow the unwritten rules of the trails while you’re on your ATV or side-by-side vehicle. The unwritten rules ensure you keep yourself, other riders, and wildlife safe. Where you’re riding is the animal’s their natural habitat and respecting that is vital. Here, our experts at CFMOTO will walk you through some of the unwritten rules of the trails.

●      Use Designated Land

When you’re riding your recreational vehicle on public land, it’s important to stay on the designated trails and paths. Most public areas have various laws and regulations that can penalize you if you intentionally go off the trail. Additionally, if you are on private land, you should check to see where you can and cannot ride. Not only will staying on the designated trails uphold laws, but it will keep you safe, as well.

●      Leave Wildlife Alone

When you’re riding, it’s important not to trample all the plantlife you see, and leave all animals alone. If you trample the plant life, you’re destroying natural homes for wildlife. Additionally, you could potentially spread invasive plant species if you’re not careful. Respecting the wildlife that makes its home in the area is also important so the ecosystem stays in check.

●      Pick Up Your Trash

If you stop to eat or drink while you’re riding, make sure you pick up your trash. Additionally, if you see trash that isn’t yours, pick it up. No one wants to ride in an area that’s covered with garbage, and more importantly, it can cause harm to the environment and the wildlife in the area.

●      Follow The Right Of Way

Respecting fellow adventurers while you’re riding is one of the most important unwritten rules on the trails. While your vehicles are probably the largest and loudest, it is important to respect smaller machines and people hiking. Trails often play host to general hikers, people biking, and even people horseback riding. Pulling over to the side, and letting these people pass is important and will earn you respect.

●      Keep Others Posted On Group Numbers

Especially on popular trails, many groups of people riding will signal to groups they pass how many riders they have at that specific time. When you are approaching the lead person, they will typically hold up the number of riders in their group that are still coming, and when the last person passes, they will hold up a fist. If you are traveling with a group, you should do this as well so others can be on the lookout for your fellow riders.

●      Lay Off Engine Revving

While it may be thrilling to rev your engine while riding, you will more than likely disturb others in the area. Many people will be out and about on the trails or in the woods exploring, and do not want to hear your engine constantly rev. The best, most respectful trail riders rarely if ever rev their engines.

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