When you choose CFMOTO to buy your ATV, you have access to some of the best ATV features around. While some of the features are standard, others are perks and our customers continue to buy them in popular demand. Below, we’ll walk you through some of our most popular accessories and what they can do to make your ride smoother.

2W/4WD Thumb Control With 4WD Differential Lock

With this feature, you instantly get increased traction on your ATV. CFMOTO uses this state-of-the-art 4-wheel drive technology with the 4WD differential lock. With this unique feature, you have greater control over your recreational vehicle, which allows you to have instant access to the differential lock. This gives the ATV more traction and you more control while riding.

CVTech Drive Clutches With Engine Brake

This CFMOTO addition saves you money in the long run. CVTech Drive clutches are lightweight, which improves the agility of the machine and how it rides. Additionally, this tool increases the longevity of the belts on your ATV because this specific clutch enforces a tight grip while at lower RPMs, ultimately increasing your control, power, and overall experience on all terrains.

Multi-Function Digital Dashboard

As with any other vehicle, the readings on the dashboard are vital to the function of your vehicle. If you cannot get an accurate reading on your vehicle, you not only may be unknowingly damaging your vehicle, but you could be putting yourself at risk. At CFMOTO, our dashboards have a digital speedometer, fuel gauge, temperature gauge, odometer, clock, among many other tools. The dashboard is also easy to clean and has a clear, hard cover that keeps dust off it while making it easy to study.

Heavy-Duty Steel Storage Racks

Many of our vehicles at CFMOTO come with steel storage racks that are great for transporting anything you may need. If the machine doesn’t come with storage racks, they can typically be added. These storage racks hold up great in all terrain and weather, allowing you to store camping gear, food, drinks, equipment, or anything else you may need.

2” Hitch Receiver With Power Socket

Not only are our ATVs designed to withstand rough terrain and frequent use, but they are also powerful enough to pull trailers. Our ATVs come with a 2” hitch receiver with a power socket to connect the lights. This unique feature is useful for working on the farm or a construction site, as well as pulling extra gear for camping or hunting trips.

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