To get the most out of your ATV, you need to keep it maintained. Not only will this create an enjoyable experience, but it will also keep you safe. One of the most important parts of ATV maintenance is checking the tires on your machine often. Over-inflated tires can affect the way your machine drives, while under-inflated tires can permanently damage the tires. Here, CFMOTO’s experts will go over proper ATV maintenance.

Invest In An ATV Tire Pressure Gauge

Because ATV tires are designed differently than car tires and cannot hold as much air pressure, car pressure gauges most likely will not work well with your machine. Most pressure gauges read in pounds-force per square inch (PSI). Gauges for cars usually start at 5 PSI, while ATVs start at 0 PSI. Specialized ATV gauges will give an accurate reading on your machine. Most ATV dealers should sell proper tire gauges, but if they don’t, they’ll be able to tell you where to get them.

Check Owner’s Manual For Tire Pressure

The Owner’s Manual that comes with every machine contains detailed instructions and regulations on how to maintain your vehicle. When you purchase your ATV or side-by-side from CFMOTO, the dealer will give you the manual and instruct you to use it regularly. The recommended tire pressure usually changes from the front to back tires, so it is important to consult the manual when doing maintenance. The PSI also varies from machine to machine, so sticking to the manual is crucial.

Temperature Change Means Pressure Change

Just like a car or truck, you need to check the tire pressure of your machine’s tires when the temperature changes. Especially in the Midwest when temperatures frequently change, checking your tires is necessary. When there’s a sudden drop in air temperature, your tire pressure naturally drops, so frequent checks are necessary to maintain your machine and stay safe.


When the air begins to heat up in spring and summer when the snow is finally gone, you may have to let some air out of your tires. As the pressure will increase with the temperature, it is important to ensure your tires steer correctly on the trails, keeping you safe. Always check to make sure the PSI in your machine’s tires matches that in the owner’s manual.

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