Off-road vehicles give users the freedom to go exploring and enjoy nature. These vehicles allow people to explore trails, ride through the woods, go over rolling hills, among many other things. ATVs and side-by-side vehicles are two of the most popular off-road vehicles. Deciding which one better fits your needs can be challenging, but here at CFMOTO, we can help you decide which one is the best fit for you.

Why You Should Choose An ATV

All-terrain vehicles are machines usually designed for one person, but some have a capacity of two if one person sits in front of the other. ATVs have a saddle seat riding position and handlebar steering, allowing these vehicles to drive through tight areas.

1.      Agility: ATVs are designed to be agile vehicles, allowing users to drive through wooded, secluded, or tight areas. ATVs provide a variety of services, such as hauling, herding animals, hunting, and other utility work.

2.      Utility work and hauling: ATVs are primarily designed to do utility work, especially hauling. Depending on which machine you have, you can haul large amounts of weight.

3.      You can race for fun: Because ATVs are designed to be so agile, they are great off-road racing vehicles. CFMOTO’s ATVs are proven to be great for racing.

Why You Should Choose A Side-By-Side

Side-by-side vehicles, or UTVs (utility task vehicles) are quite similar to golf carts in how they function and look. The two seats on the vehicle are next to each other, and have power steering, gas pedals, seatbelts, and harnesses to keep the riders safe.

1.      Utilizing cargo space: At CFMOTO, our side-by-side vehicles come with high-capacity cargo boxes that can have dumping capabilities. ATVs can have cargo space installed, but these machines are much more useful when you frequently move cargo.

2.      Heavy work: The most well-equipped side-by-side vehicles can function and do the same things that a small tractor can do. Additionally, accessories, such as cultivators, disc plows, mowers, box scrapers, augers, splitters, loaders, and many other things can be added to give your side-by-side more power and options.

3.      Play or racing: Side-by-side vehicles are perfect for simply roaming the countryside with friends or family, or for racing. Side-by-side vehicles can have up to four seats, making them perfect for excursions.

4.      Perfect for large properties: These vehicles are perfect for transporting workers or guests when you have large amounts of ground to cover on your property. It saves people time and energy when they’re touring a property or working.

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Both ATVs and side-by-side vehicles are great for off-road exploring, work, and fun. Your needs will determine which one is the best for you. If you’re in Minnesota and looking for assistance, at CFMOTO our experts can help you narrow down your choices and test drive various machines. We have a variety of dealers you can contact to set up an appointment or test drive. To get more information, call us at 763-398-2695, or message us on our contact page.