With the temperatures heating up, it’s time to get your ATV ready for peak riding season again. ATVs can be used for work or recreation, but no matter the use, they need to be ready to go so you stay safe and enjoy yourself. At CFMOTO, we strive to keep our customers’ ATVs trail and work-ready.

Purpose Of Spring Maintenance

Spring is one of the best times to tune up your off-road vehicle to ensure it runs properly throughout the peak seasons. Our customers count on their ATVs for fun, to get around their farm or property, or to go exploring trails. In order to do that, here are a few things you should check into as the weather gets warmer:


Battery gauges are one of the most useful tools you can own when you have one or more ATVs or other off-road vehicles. The gauges test the strength of batteries in the machines. In order to clean and maintain batteries, the cables and terminals can be cleaned with a can of coke, or a baking soda and water mixture. Battery checks and possible replacements are a key part of safety preparations.

Fluid Check

Just like any other vehicle, one of the keys to engine health is ensuring the proper level of fluids are in your machine. When you’re doing maintenance on your vehicles, make sure to check the levels of oil, coolants, and differential fluids. Check the owner’s manual to ensure you’re doing things correctly when refilling fluids.

Filters And Plugs

Filters and plugs are one of the most common reasons for bad performance on your vehicles. These are easily replaced, and readily available to customers. Spring is a great time to check your filters and plugs to make sure they’re ready for the peak season.

Tires And Wheels

As is the nature of the vehicles, over time the wheels and tires can wear due to rough terrain. In order to maneuver the way you want, you have to have enough pressure in your tires. Tires can also be damaged due to rough surfaces, so it is important to keep an eye on them. Lug nuts and other parts on wheels can become loose due to rough terrain so it is important to keep them tight when you’re doing maintenance.

Brakes And Cables

Just like cars and trucks, off-road vehicles need check-ups to their brakes and cables. Checking the brake pads for wear is a key part of safety. If they’re worn, you should get them replaced immediately. Checking the cables for worn spots or other damages is also vital to safety.


Shocks and other suspension equipment needs to be checked every now and then. Like anything else, it wears over time and needs to be replaced on occasion. If you’re experiencing a rough ride, the suspension system is a likely culprit.

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