While there are great trails to ride throughout the country, especially in the Midwest, some of the best are located here in Minnesota. When you choose a CFMOTO dealer, you choose a team of experts to help you find the off-road vehicle fit for your needs and where you want to ride. Below, we will go over some of the best riding trails in Minnesota.

Soo Line Trail

One of the most popular trails in the state and the entire Midwest, this area has over 200 miles of great trails. On the southern half of the trail, it encompasses 105 miles from Eastern Minnesota to Wisconsin.

Moose Walk Trail

This trail is located in Northern Minnesota. One of the best family-friendly riding areas in the state, this massive trail is located in the Sawtooth Mountains on the North Shore. With plenty of hilly, winding trails, there are also a variety of shelters spread out so riders can take breaks.

Rabey Line Trail

Open from mid-May through the end of October, this beautiful trail winds through high ground, swamps, bogs, and wooded areas along the Mississippi River. This trail wraps through the Hill River and Savannah state parks, giving riders a truly amazing outdoor experience.

Spider Lake Trails

The trails around Spider Lake provide a good challenge for riders. They go from nice and smooth, to sandy or rocky, before going on and around the slopes of hills and along many ponds and lakes. This trail winds through Foot Hills State Forest.

Blue Ox Trail

Relatively flat and easy to navigate, this trail is great for all riders. Opening on April 1 this season, it is open until the last day of November this year. The trail follows an abandoned railroad, going through scenic woods and swamps.

Red Top Trail

This span of trails has multiple terrains for all experience levels. For beginners, there are sandy, wide, relatively smooth tracks. For more experienced riders, there are difficult loops to explore. One of the most popular loops is the Adventure Trail, which is steep, rocky, and rugged.

More Trails

To learn more in depth about these trails, their specific locations, and many other trails, visit Explore Minnesota’s website. On this site, they go into detail about the scenery, terrain, and experience level you may need to go on some of these trails.

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