Is it possible that spring is finally here? In most areas of the U.S., we’re seeing more sunny days and much less snow. Regardless of where you live, your ATV has survived another long winter.


Before you take your ATV on an adventure this spring or summer, you should perform a little routine maintenance. Whether you have been riding all winter long or your ATV has been safely locked away, a little maintenance may be just what your ATV needs to look and perform better. Below are some quick tips for getting your ATV in tip-top shape.

Give Your ATV a Serious Bath

If you haven’t washed your ATV in a while, now is the time. You’ll want to pull out some standard detergent as well as a high-quality water-based degreaser and surface cleaner. The best way to clean your ATV is to give it a quick soapy bath to get all the surface dirt off.


Then attack the hard stains and grease with the special cleanser and degreaser. Clean out every part of your ATV including the engine and other mechanical parts. Remove all dried mud and tough stains. With proper cleaning, you can restore your ATV or side-by-side’s natural appearance.

Change Your Air Filter

If you want to see a drastic improvement in your ATV’s performance, simply change out the air filter. Air filters get dirty quickly due to the rugged environment where dirt and dust collect on your machine. Even if you have not operated your ATV since last summer or fall, it never hurts to start the new riding season with a clean air filter.

Change the Oil

As you might have guessed, there’s a good chance your oil needs to be changed. When changing your oil, choose a synthetic low-viscosity oil that holds up well under extreme temperatures.


If your ATV has been in storage over the last few months, you should probably change the oil whether it needs it or not, as oil can lose its viscosity over time. Also, make sure you read your CFMOTO owner’s manual so you know how often you should change your oil according to manufacturer specifications.

Wax Your ATV Down

While much of your ATV or side-by-side reveals the mechanical parts, the machine is adorned with a plastic finish. Therefore, you should wax the plastic parts to protect them from UV damage. Waxing the plastic also keeps mud and dirt from adhering to the surface. While your ATV is largely used for joyriding, utility work, or racing, it also has a sharp look and a cool design. Preserve this design with a little wax.

Grease the Machine

Grease some of the main parts of your ATV to keep them from rusting or to improve their performance. Coat the cables, exposed metal, bearings, joints, and other necessary parts. You can preserve how your ATV looks and rides with a simple grease two or three times a year.

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