Since riding an ATV on public streets is illegal in most Minnesota communities, you'll have to tow it to your destination. This article provides some ATV towing tips and explains the equipment you'll need for safely towing an ATV.

Securing Your ATV to the Trailer

The size and weight of ATVs mean you must pay close attention to how you secure them. You should know how to safely operate any trailer you use for your ATV towing. At highway speeds, a sudden swerve or an unexpectedly large pothole could turn your off-road vehicle into hazardous road debris. Drivers who forget to use their turn signals can create a stressful drive.


Here are some tips for towing an ATV or side by side that will enhance the safety of you and other drivers and keep your ATV from getting damaged.


●        If possible, use a trailer that has been designed specifically for ATV towing.

●        Observe the driving rules that you would when towing any other object—allow extra time and distance for stops and turns, and maintain plenty of space between other vehicles and yours.

●        Always secure loose and large objects properly; in the event of an accident or even just an abrupt move, unsecured objects can destabilize your trailer or be ejected.

●        Make sure the trailer itself is properly connected to your tow vehicle and equipped with safety chains and any other necessary trailer equipment like signaling lights.

●        If you are new to towing an ATV or anything else on a trailer, practice driving slowly on secluded roads before making your first recreational trip.

●        On long trips, pull over about once an hour to check the towing equipment and ATV to make sure they are still secure.

ATV Trailers

ATV trailers have low decks for easier loading. They often have foldaway ramps to further ease the loading and unloading process. They're built to withstand the weight of ATVs, which can tip the scales between 300 and 500 pounds apiece. Trailers feature numerous strap handles for placing the heavy-duty straps that will keep your ATV from sliding around.­


Be sure to consider what additional equipment for ATV towing you might need along with the trailer. A drop hitch attachment and other towing gear can remove some of the sloppy driving feel when you are pulling a trailer. Some ATV trailers have a metal frame or mesh sides that serve as containing walls when folded up, then function as wide, handy loading ramps when folded down. ­


To get your ATV off the asphalt and onto the trailer or pickup bed, you will need a ramp, or perhaps a couple of them called dual runners, depending on their width. Ramps for loading ATVs and motorcycles are made of aluminum because of its high strength-to-weight ratio.


You can choose from arched ramps, bi-fold ramps, tri-fold ramps, heavy duty, and other classifications. If you choose to ferry your ATV on a specially designed trailer, the ramps may be included. If, however, you use a pickup bed or a general purpose trailer to transport your ATV, you must be sure the ramp will support the ATV's weight. While you may never require an extra heavy duty 6,000-pound capacity ramp, it is a good idea to allow a cushion of several hundred pounds.


Manufacturers offer complete tie-down kits that include heavy-duty nylon webbed straps with ratcheting cams. These kits allow you to eliminate all slack in the straps when you secure your ATV to the trailer. The tires should be snug against the deck of the trailer and appear as if the ATV is carrying the weight of a rider.


The ends of the straps may have simple metal S-hooks, or the more reliable snap hooks, which click onto the trailer's anchor points and remain closed. Follow the manufacturer's' instructions with any equipment for ATV towing.

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