If possible, try to avoid riding your ATV out in the rain. Unfortunately, if you are already out riding and experience some unexpected showers, there’s not much you can do but get through it. Below are some helpful tips for riding in the rain safely so you can prevent injury or damage to your machine.

Prepare your Vehicle

Pre-ride inspections are important on a regular basis, but it holds even more weight if you might endure some rain. A small issue on the trail might be much more difficult to handle in the rain. When you conduct a pre-ride inspection, you are given yourself the opportunity to spot any potential issues and fix them prior to riding your ATV or side-by-side. You’ll find it’s much easier to fix a small problem in the comfort of your garage than in the pouring rain.


You should always check your tires to ensure the tread is in good condition so you’ll have proper traction on wet roads. Make sure your tires are inflated to the level that’s recommended by the owner’s manual. Next, check on your engine oil and brake fluid levels. You’ll also want to check your clutch, brakes, throttle, and other critical components to ensure they’re functioning properly.


Last, ensure your lights are bright and visible so other drivers will be able to see you through the rain. If you notice any issues that you’re not sure how to fix on your own, bring to your local dealer for maintenance.

Wear the Right Gear

The gear you choose to wear will determine how safe your ride is going to be. When riding in the rain, you may want to consider wearing a one-piece rain suit that will cover your clothes entirely. These suits are built to provide seamless protection so you are guaranteed to stay dry.


You can also invest in waterproof pants and a waterproof jacket. Always remember to have a pair of solid, shielded riding gloves. These gloves will keep your hands warm, which allows for better control. When you are riding in the rain, wear a full-face helmet so you’re completely protected from the rain. Fog-resistant eyewear is also recommended.


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