When riding an ATV, the higher above sea level you get, the more your body has to adjust to accommodate the altitude and avoid altitude sickness.


Why do people get altitude sickness? A few reasons. The air is thinner, meaning there isn’t as much oxygen for your lungs. Also, high altitudes create to drier conditions, meaning you can become dehydrated quickly.


At high altitudes, you are also exposed to more UV light, which means quicker and stronger sunburns. Having fun at high altitudes a bit of preparation. Below are some tips for riding your ATV in high altitudes.

●      Stay Hydrated

When you are driving an ATV at a higher elevation, it’s critical you drink a lot of water. Don’t wait until you are thirsty to decide you need a drink. Sip frequently and count your ounces so you know your body getting enough water. You may also want to bring a sports drink with electrolytes. Try to drink water several hours before your excursion. You will adjust to the elevation properly and get you acclimated at a faster rate.

●      Ease Your Way Into the High-Energy Rides

Your body needs time to adjust to operating in dry, low-oxygen conditions. When you arrive, you may want to delay your first ride for a few hours. Once you start your excursion, take it slow, and ease your way into the faster rides. You may even want to spend the night at your destination before going on your first ride.

●      Monitor Your Food Intake

Limit your salt and increase your carbohydrate intake in higher elevations. Balance out your vacation treats, your brewery visits, and your snacks with healthy food such as fruits and vegetables. They will help you replenish electrolytes by balancing salt intake. You’ll need plenty of energy for riding your ATV in the mountains.

●      Wear High-Altitude Clothing

Wear high altitude clothing for protection against extreme weather conditions like extremely low temperatures, high-velocity winds, snowfall, etc. especially in critical combat areas like Siachen. The clothing at high altitudes needs to meet both functional and comfort properties.


The right high altitude clothing consists of a jacket, waistcoat, trousers, a glacier cap, rappelling gloves, and glacier gloves. The typical weight of the gear is around nine to ten kilograms. The typical characteristics of high altitude clothing are hydrophilic, meaning they’re moisture resistant, breathable, abrasion resistant, maintain high integrity, and resist tear.


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