Your ATV is supported entirely by four rugged tires that are specially designed for off-road use on unforgiving surfaces. Understanding what creates that support and how much weight a tire can withstand will help you stay safe as you operate your vehicle.


Below, we cover the basics of ATV tire construction, as well as load and inflation ratings. Try to have a solid grasp of the ratings before you purchase your next tires.

What You Need to Know About ATV Tires

One of the first things you notice when you look at an ATV tire from the side are all those numbers and symbols. You may notice a number that looks something like this:


25 x 10-12


1.      The first number indicates the height of the tire when it is fully mounted and inflated according to the manufacturer specifications.

2.      The second number indicates how wide the tire is when you fully inflate it.

3.      The third number indicates the diameter of the inside of the tire in inches and the diameter of the wheel that the tire is mounted on.


When you combine these numbers, they give you the specification of the tire’s weight dimensions and size.

Inflation and Load Rating

As mentioned earlier, an ATV or side by side is fully supported on air pressure, not the tire’s materials (rubber) or steel rims. It is the internal air pressure that carries both the vehicle and the passenger on top of it. Therefore, larger tires offer more air, and more air offers more support.


The rating is measured in PSI, which stands for per square inch. The PSI rating can change from tire to tire depending on why you are using the tire. It’s important that when you fill up the tire, you do not exceed the manufacturer recommendations for air pressure. Doing so can cause the tire to warp or burst upon impact with a jagged surface.

Using the Right Tire for Your ATV

If you constantly load your ATV with heavy gear or equipment, you should purchase tires that contain a higher PSI. Tires also exist that have different PSI ratings for racing, off-roading, or other uses.


Using the right ATV tired will improve your ATVs performance, balance, and safety on all surfaces. It will also ensure that you enjoy your excursion while out on the trail.

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