If you’ve never been to an ATV or Side-by-Side rally, you owe it to yourself to go at least once. If you’ve got the means, get out and try each one on our list because each of these rallies is unique and all offer a heck of a good time.

Brimstone White Knuckle Event – Huntsville Tennessee

Unlike most of the other events on our list, the White Knuckle Event isn’t a weeklong festival but rather takes place over Memorial Day weekend. The event features most of the same activities as the other rallies on our list, including guided trail rides, concerts, and several competitive events.


There’s nothing special about the race itself, but rather the fact that there are very few “drag specific” machines entered in the race. You can race anything from a sports ATV to a utility quad to a side-by-side. Another popular contest is the obstacle course complete with logs, water crossings, jumps, and a tire graveyard. The fastest person through the course wins, and you only get one shot so do your homework and walk the track first.

Of course, throughout the weekend you can take off on your own and enjoy some open riding on the 300 plus miles of scenic trails that Brimstone has to offer.

Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree, Richfield Utah

Utah is one of the most ATV- and UTV-friendly states in the country. That’s probably why it plays home to more jamborees and rallies than any other state. Starting in April, you can easily find a rally going on somewhere in the state just about every month all the way through September.


Taking place in September means comfortable temperatures and beautiful fall colors as the leaves begin to change. The Jamboree boasts nearly 60 guided trail rides through the Paiute and Great Western trial systems in central Utah. In addition to trail riding, event goers are treated to several catered dinners, dessert socials, a raffle, and even an ATV Rodeo.

Oregon Dunefest, Winchester Bay Oregon

The slogan says “The most fun a family can have in the sand.” After attending four out of the last five years, I’d have to agree that the Oregon Dunefest is probably the most family-friendly event on our list. In virtually every event or activity, there are classes for the little guys all the way up to the top professionals.


Whether you’re into sand motocross, drag racing, poker runs or showing off that shiny quad of yours, Dunefest makes sure the kiddos are able to have just as much fun as the adults. That’s not to say there’s any lack of excitement for adults, but it’s apparent that the event staff wants this to be an event that kids are begging mom and dad to bring them back to year after year.


There’s never a moment when something isn’t going on at Dunefest, be it on the drag strip, the MX track, vendor row or the main stage. The event is the largest of its kind in the Pacific Northwest and one of the most well attended ATV/side by side events in the country.

Rally on the Rocks, Moab Utah

The Rally on the Rocks is one of those best-of-both-worlds events that has something for everyone. If you’re the adventurous type and are looking for a challenge, the jagged rocks and sharp ledges of Steel Bender (among others) won’t leave you disappointed. If you’re more of the laid back and take in the scenery type, you’ll love driving up the slick rock formations with amazing views of snow-capped peaks in the distance.


Rally on the Rocks provides a controlled and safe environment for Side-by-Side enthusiasts to ride in some of the most scenic and unique landscape our country has to offer, all under the direction of experienced trail guides that are there to keep you safe, or, provide a little coaching up some of the more challenging obstacles if you want to walk a little on the wild side.

The Mud Nationals, Jacksonville Texas

Every Spring, Mud Creek Off-Road park plays host to the largest and longest running mudding event in the country. Somewhere between 13,000 and 15,000 ATV and side-by-side enthusiasts descend upon the private park for a week of, well, getting dirty. There are sanctioned events like the Mudda-Cross, the endurance challenge and even your more standard poker run and show ‘n shine.


But the real fun is to be had simply kicking back and taking in the insanity that takes place at the “sand pit.” Really more of a glorified mud puddle, this area is a major gathering place at all hours of the day. Anything goes at the sand pit and if you happen to venture out at night, don’t be surprised if you get stuck in traffic for a few hours on the way.

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