Most public ATV trail facilities have signs or symbols that inform riders what skill level is required to ride an ATV on the trail. If you are a beginner, however, you may not know what the signs or symbols mean. Therefore, you may be uncertain as to whether you should ride on a beginner trail or an intermediate trail.


Note: These are general classifications. Some organizations, facilities, and entities break down these classifications differently according to their specifications. Please check with a facility manager before you enter a trail to determine if it matches your skill and experience level.


●        Highly-graded and maintained class of trails with no steep hills and few obstacles.

●        Intended for lower-level riders who have mastered the basic skills necessary for safe operation on well-developed trails.

●        Also for those lacking the experience or desire to ride more difficult trails.


●        Suitable for the majority of intermediate riders.

●        More difficult trails are narrower with steeper hills and switchbacks and some moderate obstacles.

●        Intended for ATV or UTV enthusiasts with well-developed skills seeking a reasonably challenging trail ride.

●        Riders subjected to a higher degree of risk and exposure.


●        Most primitive class of trails requiring a high-level of skill and experience.

●        Very steep grades, narrow trails, sharp alignments, rough or loose-tread surfaces, and substantial obstacles.

●        Suitable only for proficient or expert riders to test their machines—and their own skills and abilities.

Why You Should Stay Within Your Skill Level

Like any other activity you engage in, your ATV riding skill will improve as you gain new experiences over time. The pace at which you develop your abilities depends on you, and should not be measured against anyone else’s abilities.


Therefore, you should only enter trails that are at or below your skill level. If you challenge yourself too much and too fast you may lose your joy of riding, damage your ATV, or injure yourself or someone else on the trail. Since ATV riding is supposed to be fun, take your time and allow yourself to ease into the next level with no unreasonable expectations.

CFMOTO ATVs for All Skill Levels

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