Most ATV trails contain standardized signs that officials place at the beginning and throughout all motorized routes. The signs include the type of vehicle either allowed or prohibited on the course and the times and dates that the trail is open or closed.


Failure to obey the signs can lead to a disaster for either an ATV rider or another motorist or pedestrian. Therefore, obey the signs at all costs.


At CFMOTO, ATV and side-by-side safety is the most crucial element in riding an ATV or side-by-side. We want each rider to enjoy his or her experience without injury or fatality. Below, we outline the dangers of deviating from the trail when you are operating an ATV.

You May Never Return From Your Ride

If you leave the trail, you risk getting lost and losing your way through the woods. Even if you have a phone, a radio, a compass, and a map, you may still find that it is difficult to navigate your way back to the trail.


Your best option is to stay on a marked trail that leads to an established destination. Getting lost during the summer or winter months could cost you your health or your life. Stay on the path.

You May Disrupt the Natural Environment

 Local officials map out an ATV trail in conjunction with the surrounding environment. Trail designation depends on the type of wildlife and the natural landscape in the area.


As an ATV rider, you have a personal responsibility to respect and protect the natural environment. Therefore, if you ride off the trail, you may violate both the sanctity of the area and the laws governing where you can ride. In either case, you play a part in preserving the surrounding area.

You May Damage Your Expensive ATV or Side by Side

 Even the toughest, most durable all-terrain vehicles are no match for the roughest, rockiest terrain the planet has to offer. If you want to engage in an extreme adventure, then look for extreme trails. Otherwise, you may severely damage your ATV and pay hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair. Or worse, you may total the transport.

You May be Liable for Another Rider’s Injuries

 Your influence on the trail will either lead someone to a safe destination or a possible injury. The more experience you have under your belt, the more respect you will garner from those around you.


Therefore, use your influence to create a safe and enjoyable adventure for everyone. If you stay on the ATV trail, then less experienced or knowledgeable riders will also do the same. If you are a designated leader, then stress the importance of staying on the trail to your party.

Read the Trail Maps

If you do not know where a trail leads or where it ends, then look at a map. Many areas offer maps at stations, at the beginning trails, campgrounds, or even nearby grocery stores. Officials typically update the maps immediately before or after a trail closes or opens. If there is any conflict between maps, the official government is the default map. To be sure, however, you should ask a local official.

 Your ATV Adventure Awaits With CFMOTO

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