Now that you have learned how to ride your ATV or side by side, it’s time to hit the trails and start your new adventures.


The question is: Where are the trails?


If you are like most ATV beginners, you may not know the difference between a green circle and a black diamond trail. If you want to know how to get started hitting the trails with your new CFMOTO ATV, we’ve already done the digging for you. Below are some great online resources for ATV beginners.


TrailLink is the ultimate guide for trailoholics who want to try out their new ATV for the first time. TrailLink offers detailed information on all type of ATV trails throughout the Midwest and Northeast U.S. You can get trail summaries, difficulty levels, read reviews, find out available amenities and attractions, and even set up your profile. Just type ‘ATV’ in the search tool and get started.

RiderPlanet USA

If you want to rub shoulders with the pros and stay updated on all the latest trails nationwide, RiderPlanet is your go-to resource. The site contains helpful tools, resources, and other useful features.


It features an exhaustive list of the best and most popular ATV trails anywhere. You can narrow your search by state, skill level, season, or preferred adventure. You can also read articles from expert ATVers, get calendar notifications, and take advantage of the rider support center.

[Enter State] ATV Riding Trails

Every state has one, and all you have to do is type in the right Google keyword combo. Try typing ‘Minnesota ATV Trails’ and watch the results pile up on the Google site. You may want to check out The only downside to searching state-centered resource guides is you may have to do more digging than you anticipated. ATV-riding sites may provide more in-depth information.

ATV Illustrated

Whether you like digging online or want to stack a few hard copy magazines on your coffee table, ATV illustrated is for the off-road junkie who can’t wait to accelerate their knowledge of the all things ATV. In addition to trail riding, ATVI also provides product reviews, the latest news & events, expert and amateur-submitted articles, as well on additional insights for farming, hunting, work, & utility riding.

ATV Trails

If you want to experience A Day in the Life of a diehard ATV aficionado, then check out ATV Trails. The user-submitted website gives you all you need to know about any trail in the US as reviewed by the enthusiasts who have been there, done that.


You can see dozens of photos and videos of favorite American trails, as well as some hidden gems that only locals love to ride. Even the site looks like it was developed outback. It is the most authentic, organic, and down-home site you will ever visit — without all the filler.


We had to throw in a user-generated travel website for good measure. What better site than TripAdvisor? With countless user reviews, tons of information, pricing, amenities, and surrounding attractions, you can plan an entire trip around your ATV adventure.


The only caveat to TripAdvisor is that you may have to spend little extra time finding an ATV trail, as every search starts you with a clean slate. You can accelerate your search a bit by typing ‘ATV trails beginners’ and selecting your region, state, and destination.

CFMOTO Has Your Next Off-Road Adventure

No matter where you go on your first or next ATV ride, take CFMOTO with you. We carry an extensive line of ATV and side-by-side vehicles perfect for any ATV excursion. No matter what you are looking for, you can find it with CFMOTO.


To find out more about our line of all-terrain vehicles, visit or contact a CFMOTO dealer near you.