If you’re looking for an extreme ATV experience this winter, there are plenty of snowy mountains, dunes, and trails to blaze through when it’s cold outside. You’ll find no lack of riding opportunities to explore during the winter months across the U.S. National forests, state parks, and other private and public properties can accommodate your need for adventure.


Whether you’re driving sleet, snow, or under clear blue skies, CFMOTO can help you get there. We offer a full line of ATVs and side-by-sides that can tackle any wintery terrain. To find out more our rugged off-road transports, visit a CFMOTO dealer near you.


Below are our picks for the best ATV trails to ride during the winter.

1. Little Sahara Recreation Area, Utah

Utah may be the last place on earth you’d expect to find miles and miles of sand. Yet, the Little Sahara Recreation Area boasts over 60,000 acres of sandy terrain set against a backdrop of sage and juniper hills. The North Central Utah recreational area features a 700-mountain of sand, four campgrounds, ATV staging areas, restroom facilities and plenty of drinking water. You can also park your RV and take a hike in the 9,000-acre Rockwell Natural area. Little Sahara stays open all year long.

2. Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

The Logandale Trails in the northern tip Valley of Fire State Park are known for their red rock formations and scenic canyons. ATV riders can take a connecting trail to Whitney Pockets where they can observe fascinating rock structures and ancient Indian rock art. Like Little Sahara, the terrain is filled with sandy trails, dunes, and washes.


The Park contains over 45,000 acres of riding land. The average temperature range in December and January is 50 to 60 degrees. Valley of First State Park may not be the most challenging ATV experience, but it’s definitely one of the most scenic. Case in point: the barrel cactus - a must see.

3. Forest County Trails, Wisconsin

In Forest County, Wisconsin, ATV riding is a way of life. Local thrill-seekers can drive in any direction and be in proximity to an ATV trail within minutes. The entire county contains over 54 miles of riding trails and hundreds of miles side routes that connect the main trails. Some of the main attractions include Nicolet State Trail, Wolf River State Trail, and the County Public ATV Trail. Wild, free-flowing rivers and streams encompass the trails and provide plenty of scenery as well as opportunities for fishing, camping, hunting, wildlife viewing.

4. Grand County Trails, Colorado

If you love mountainous terrain, Grand County Colorado offers hundreds of miles of vertical, rugged terrain and breathtaking Rocky Mountain scenery that seems like it was carved out just for ATVers. You can wind through the Rabbit Ear Pass that takes you straight up 10,000 feet and then levels off for several miles. Gore Pass offers more than 50 miles of trails to explore while taking in scenic views of mountain peaks, river, and meadows. You’ll also see plenty of local wildlife, so keep your eyes open!


You can plan a day trip or stay overnight in one of several camping areas along the trail. If you are an experienced rider, you may want to check out the Rock Garden on the Spring Creek trails where you can expect steep climbs, narrow shelf roads, and boulder fields. Also, don’t forget to explore Rocky Mountain National Park while you’re out there.

5. Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort, Maine

Take off in your ATV or side by side through the gorgeous forest land via the Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort located in Forks, Maine. The Resort gives you access to thousands of miles of trails that appeal to all interests and experience levels. You can cut through the trails and experience the natural landscape filled with waterfalls (don’t miss the Moxie Falls), lakes, and mountain views. Riders can travel all the way from Solon to the Canadian border. There are plenty of amenities including campgrounds, restroom facilities, fishing and hunting, and hiking.

ATV and Side by Side Adventures From CFMOTO

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