Now that you have purchased your CFMOTO ATV or side by side, it’s time to purchase a few accessories that will enhance your riding experience. Below, we list some essential accessories, as we as a few extras just for fun.



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Here’s the list of our recommendations:


●        Winch

If all you took with you on your ATV or side by side excursion were a winch, you’d still manage to avert some sticky situations - literally. Winches are easy to install. To find the right winch for your CFMOTO ATV, check with your dealer. Make sure you get the mounting plate to install the winch.


●        Cooler

Coolers come in all shapes and sizes. Before purchasing a cooler, consider the size and shape, as well as the type of cooler you want. The three main types of coolers for ATVs include soft-sided, hard-sided, and electric.


●        Gear

Gear you need for the trail includes an industry approved safety helmet, impact-resistant goggles, gloves, dust mask, and rugged apparel, and sturdy riding boots. Check with your local dealer to find most of these items.


●        Dry Box

Place your valuable items such a watch, wallet, or smartphone into a dry box, and you’ll never have to worry about them getting wet or muddy.


●        12 Volt Air Pump

Flat tires are a reality in ATV off-roading. Even the toughest tires may suffer a puncture or tear. Pack a 12-volt air pump and a few tire patches so that you can be ready for a blowout. A 12-volt air pump should provide adequate air pressure to fill up your tire.


●        Cargo Net

You can purchase a cargo net for ATVs and side by sides. A cargo net contains all items better than bungee cords, rope or straps. You can drape the net over the items to keep them intact.


●        Stereo System

Stereo manufacturers now make onboard ATV systems with quality sound and a full EQ range. Features also include Bluetooth headphones and speakers, wireless device connectivity, and lost of buttons. You can also find systems that perfectly match your ATV color and design.


●        Rear Storage

Even with the addition of cargo nets, coolers, and other items, you may still need to make room for storage. With all the smaller accessories and clothing you pack, a rear storage box provides a central space to put it all in. Boxes are easy to install and give you more room on the seat.


●        Emergency Supplies

Emergency supplies are essential to your safety while traveling on isolated ATV trails. Pack a First Aid Kit, as well as flares, matches, long-range walkie-talkies, tarp, knife, and possibly a mini ax or saw. You may also want to add a portable water filter in case you have to drink from a river or melt some ice.


●        LED Lights

LED lights project a brighter beam to give you extended night vision. They also suck less juice from your battery than other types of lighting. Once you install LED lights on your ATV, you won’t have to change them for a decade. Go ahead and spend the extra money up front and you’ll save ten times that down the road.


●        Anchor & Two Strap

Getting stuck in a creek bed, mud, or anywhere is a normal part of ATVing. However, you can prepare for these moments by toting a tow strap and winch anchor. Both will provide you with the stability you need to get your ATV back on the trail.

CFMOTO ATV and Side by Side Adventures

Whether you’re heading the mountains, across the dunes, or through the creek beds, CFMOTO has all the action your need with our ATV and side by side off-road vehicles. We carry rugged ATVs that suit all occasions and skill levels.


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