One of the most important factors in purchasing a CFMOTO ATV is the size of the vehicle. When describing the size of an ATV or side by side, we often refer to the cubic centimeters (CC) or the volume of the cylinders in the vehicle’s engine. This is also known as engine displacement. The CCs affect the overall engine power and how smooth your ride is.


The larger the CCs, the more powerful your engine; thus, the faster your vehicle and the more it can handle. The size of the ATV will also be a factor in your decision making. CFMOTO offers ATVs in various sizes and engine power. Contact a local dealer to find out more about our ATVs and side by side vehicles.

Level of Expertise

ATVs are like most off-road vehicles. Your experience as a rider may determine what size of a vehicle you start with. Beginners may want to opt for a smaller or less powerful ATV to start out with. Think of it as being similar to purchasing a motorcycle. If you’ve never operated one before, you may not want to start out with the largest or most powerful model.


Buying the right size ATV will give you maximum performance while keeping you safe on the trail or out on the farm. Here’s a breakdown of appropriate ATV sizes for your level of experience:


●        Up to 70cc - children aged 11 and under

●        70cc to 90cc - children 12 to 15 years of age

●        125cc to 250cc - Beginner older teens and adults

●        250cc and up - Intermediate to advanced riders

What is the Purpose of Your ATV?

How do you plan to use your ATV? Your purpose for buying it will also determine what size you need. The most common uses of an ATV include:

Trail Riding

Blazing through the trails is the most rugged form of ATV riding. As riders gain more experience and improve their skills, they will test the limits of the vehicle against rougher terrain. If you are at this level and want an ATV that can match your ambition, we recommend that your purchase a 700cc and up. Larger ATVs can match your skill level and need for extreme riding.

Motocross Racing

Motocross racing requires an entirely different mindset and approach then off-roading. Though no less powerful than a trail ATV, motocross vehicles are built for speed and agility with a focus on aggressive riding. Sports units also contain safety features such as front grab bars heel guards and balancers. High-end ATVs carry a 686cc, fuel-injected engine with lots of torque and advanced suspension. If you’re not in it to win it, we don’t recommend these ATVs for normal use.

Farming or Work

You can operate both ATVs and side by sides for farming or similar work. Like sports ATVs, you need to approach a farm vehicle with a different mindset. For instance, the engine and torque need to be powerful enough to handle pulling heavy trailers or getting through muddy fields. So you may want to consider the carrying capacity, towing capacity, and ground clearance. A 420cc or higher should be adequate for chores around the farm.


Although performance is essential for any ATV, in this case, how your ATV looks in the woods may be your top priority. In this case, most hunters purchase camouflage ATVs that blend in with the natural surroundings. When it comes to performance, you need to consider heavy lifting, ground clearance, traction, and the hitch. Since you’re riding through the winds, look for a vehicle that has sharp-turning capabilities. A 475cc engine should be enough for a hunting excursion.

CFMOTO ATVs for All Occasions

Whether you are joyriding through rugged trails or need a convenient transport for the farm, CFMOTO has the right ATV for you. All of our high-performance ATVs and side by sides can handle rough terrain while delivering enough power to get the job done.


To find out more about all of our all-terrain vehicles, visit a local CFMOTO dealer near you.