When adding a sound system to your ATV, you have lots of options to choose from. There is a wide range of handlebar speakers, amp kits, ATV mounts and other accessories that a durable enough to handle rough terrain rides. Check with your local audio system dealers to find out which brands and systems are best for your vehicle.


No matter what audio equipment you choose, CFMOTO can help you listen to your music and ride in style. We offer high-performance ATVs and utility side by sides for beginners and seasoned riders alike. Contact a local CFMOTO dealer to find out more about our all-terrain vehicles.

ATV Speakers

When considering speakers for your CFMOTO ATV, invest in speakers that are specifically designed for all-terrain vehicles. You need to purchase speakers that are durable enough to handle the rigors of off-roading. Install speakers that are waterproof and dust-proof. You’ll spend a little more money on ATV speakers, but you’ll pay less in repairs and replacement down the road.


Clean your speakers regularly. Dust, pebbles, and debris can build up and. An excess of dirt and grime can reduce speaker volume and quality of sound. Use a slightly damp cloth with light soap. Avoid hard chemicals that can damage the speaker components.

ATV Stereo and Amp

Just like your speakers, your priority should be to purchase stereo and amp equipment that is durable enough to handle the harsh environments and movements that come with riding an ATV.


Choose a stereo and amp set that is easy to use without too many features. When you are on the trail, you want to be able to adjust volume and other settings quickly. You may also want to get a stereo system with a strong backlight so that you can see it in the dark.


Your amp should be powerful enough so that you can hear the music above the ATV noise. Get an amp that provides a full range of sound. A high-end amp will produce power without losing the quality of sound.

Wiring and Cables

You may have to add aftermarket electrical accessories that will accommodate your stereo system. Some ATVs require heavy-duty wiring and relays for optimum performance. Make sure you research what wire size your stereo will need. You’ll need to match the wire size with the required amps.


When connecting the wires, you’ll want to invest in high-end connectors that won’t rust or corrode. The best connectors for an ATV stereo system are insulated connector that will keep loose wires from bumping together or moisture from getting to the connector.


Add a powerful switch to control the power for your stereo. A cheap switch could destroy your system as soon as you turn it on the first time. Use waterproof, heavy-duty switches that can handle the rough rides. They’re just affordable as the cheap switches, and you’ll have less headache.


To prevent wires from getting cut or damaged, tie the excess wires up with electrical tape. Don’t allow too much wiring to come loose. An effective technique for protecting the wires is to insert them into the stock wire loom. This will add more protection so that you don’t have to worry about the wires.

CFMOTO ATVs and Side by Sides

Even with a cool stereo system, the most enjoyable part of your ride is the ATV itself. CFMOTO offers ATVs that are durable enough to handle rock creek beds, colossal mud pits, and heavily wooded mountainsides. Our high-performance vehicle can rip through the toughest terrain with ease. They’ll give you the edge you need to blast through any trail.


To find out more about CFMOTO ATVs and side by sides, visit a local CFMOTO dealer near you.