Your ATV is a significant investment. Whether you purchase your ATV for work or play, it is important to protect your investment from vandalism, theft, weather, and hazards. With proper protection and care, your ATV or side by side should provide you with years of use.


Below are some tips for helping your protect your ATV. If have any questions or want to find out more about our products, visit your local CFMOTO dealer.

Protecting Your ATV From Theft

ATV theft is common. It also frequently occurs in friendly, rural areas where people are the most trusting. The newer and higher-priced your ATV is, the more attractive it becomes to thieves. You can take precautions, however, to protect your vehicle from thieves.


Experienced ATV owners keep thieves from riding away with their ATVs by using the following tactics:


●        Removing the valve stems and allowing the tires to go flat when they are not using the unit. Admittedly, this can be a pain if you don’t have an air pump.

●        Placing padlocks through one of the holes in the rotor to prevent the machine from being rolled away.

●        Removing the fuse to the key switch so that thieves cannot start the vehicle (most machines contain electric starters). Don’t forget to remove the spare fuse. You can also unplug the fuel pump.

●        Chaining an ATV to an immovable object such as a tree, a secure wall, or an RV. Get a heavy-duty chain and a lock that cannot be drilled out. Slide the chain through the frame of the machine. Avoid slipping it through a wheel.

Protecting Your ATV From Vandalism

Although vandalism is rare with ATVs, nevertheless, it does happen. Vandals can deface the paint job, slash tires, or remove parts from the ATV that keep it from operating. Vandalism can cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs. In some cases, you may have to replace the vehicle.


If you want to protect your machine from vandalism, here are some ideas:

●        Clean out your garage or storage building and put the ATV inside. Lock the facility from the inside. Make it possible for vandals to get to the vehicle.

●        Purchase a simple surveillance system so that you can monitor your ATV. Place warning signs to alert vandals that the vehicle is under surveillance. Make sure the signs are visible.

●        If you are camping, you may want to cover the ATV with tarps. Also, place your ATV behind the RV or where it is not easy to spot. While this is not foolproof, it can reduce the possibility of vandalism.

Protecting Your ATV From Weather

ATVs do not perform as well in the winter as they do in other seasons. While freezing temperatures are enough to put a strain on an engine, the real problems occur from neglect and lack of maintenance. Leaving your ATV outside (which most people) can complicate matters. Therefore, we recommend doing the following to protect your ATV:


●        Purchase enclosures that are specially designed for your model. While a cover won’t keep out the freezing temperatures, it will cut down on the amount of moisture, frost, and ice that accumulates on the engine and other parts.

●        It is common for an ATV to hard start in freezing weather. When it does, allow it to warm up before taking off. The oil needs to lubricate the engine.

●        Replace your summer coolant with winter antifreeze. Purchase antifreeze that can handle extreme winter temperatures.

CFMOTO Weather-Ready ATVs

With care and regular maintenance, your CFMOTO ATV will deliver high-performance results throughout every season of the year. CFMOTO ATVs and side by sides are built to withstand the toughest terrain out there, no matter when you take it out.


To find out more about CFMOTO all-terrain vehicles, contact or visit a CFMOTO dealer near you.