Like Lewis & Clark and Neil Armstrong, ATV riders are always looking for someplace new to explore. This month we take our focus to the Southeast. Whether you want to hit the foothills near the Appalachian Trail slug it out in the Bayous of Louisiana, there are plenty of Southern AVT hot spots below the  Mason-Dixon line for you to go on an off-road adventure.


Below are some of our picks for your next ATV excursion.


1. The Ridge Outdoor Adventure Park, Springville, Alabama


Our journey begins at The Ridge Outdoor Adventure Park just outside of Springville, Alabama. The ridge offers 35 miles of trails specially designed for ATVs and side by sides. You can even choose your path based on your skill level. If you like mach-10 riding, then we recommend hitting the mud bogs…good luck with that.


2. Ride Royal Blue ATV Resort, The Cumberland Mountains


Legend has it that Daniel Boone once traveled through the Cumberland Mountains. He was probably riding atop four legs, however, instead of four treads. Deep in the heart of the Cumberland Mountains, lies ride Royal Blue ATV Resort. The area offers over 600 miles of ATV trails with varying degrees of difficulty. You will enjoy trailblazing through the mountains and cruising through the flat trails. Don’t forget to take in the scenery several feet up.


3. Hatfield-McCoy Trails, Appalachian Mountains


No matter which side you choose - The Hatfields of Southern West Virginia or the McCoys of Eastern Kentucky - you’re sure to strike up a feud with your riding partners through the Hatfield-McCoy Trails in West Virginia. Embedded deep in the Appalachian Mountains, the H&M Trails offer over 700 miles of dirt pathways that span seven counties along the WV-KY border. If you’re not careful, however, you’re likely to end up on the losing side.


4. Ocala OHV Trail System, Umatilla, Florida


Florida may seem like the last place you’d venture to ride your sport side by side. The Ocala OHV Trail System, however, presents its own set of ATV challenges as you blaze through the 200 miles of thick woodland and sandy hills. With twisting, winding narrow trails through longleaf pine and scrub forest, the ATV loops are a physical challenge for even the most experienced ATV riders. One of the best things about the OHV is that it’s never overcrowded. You can spend a day isolated from your daily stress.


5. Oakey Mountain, Lakemont, Georgia


Way down yonder on the Chattahoochee river lie miles and miles of trail systems set against the backdrop of Georgia’s mountainous terrain. You will have a tough time navigating through the rocky, steep trails (up to a 35% grade)  with a few sharp switchbacks. The trail has often been cited as one of the most challenging trails for ATV riders. Experts recommend that only the most experienced riders take on this unforgiving trail.


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