When you set out on your adventure with your CFMOTO ATV or side by side, you may want to share your experiences with friends or family. Documenting your adventure can allow others to see what you are doing, where you have been, and all the fun you had along the way.


Need some ideas? Read these tips below on how to document your ATV Adventure.


1. Start a Blog

Blogging gives allows you to record your experiences and easily share them with your family and circles of friends. You can write about anything you like!


There are endless options available for you to create a blog. You may want to start by using WordPress. This option allows you to create a website that you can customize and add to as you go.


If you don’t want to go that deep into blogging, then try standard formats such as Blogger or Tumblr. They provide plenty of features for you to set up your site as you wish.


2. Create a Social Media Page


Social media is still one of the best ways to share your ATV excursion with friends and family. Most platforms allow you to create your own profile and even a personal page that is separate from your profile.


Since you will probably add photos and videos to your page, you may want to start with Instagram. This platform is a no-filler, media-drive site, that allows you to quickly add and edit your media.


If you like newsfeeds and want to engage with your audience, you may want to go with Facebook or Twitter. If you want to provide the ultimate video experience for your videos, YouTube is your best option.


3. Create a Travel Photo Book or Photo Collage


People love to look at photo albums. Although tabletop albums are fun, you may not want to spend all the time with physical copies and sticky books.


A digital travel photo book or photo collage offers a quick and easy way for you to post your albums online.


What are some of the best online album or collage tools out there? You may want to start with these popular tools.


●        Canva

●        PhotoCollage

●        Fotor Collage Maker

●        Ribbet

●        Adobe Spark


Most of these online formats offer free tools. If you want to get the paid versions, you have access to lots of editing and posting features.


4. Get a Pro-Level Camera or Video Camera


If you’re not happy with how your photos or videos are turning out on your personal device, then save your money and invest in a high-end photo or video equipment. Make sure you purchase equipment that can handle the rigors of ATV or side by side adventures.


One of the best and most affordable video-capturing devices is GoPro cameras. GoPro allows provides convenient accessories that will enable you to attach your camera your helmet or on your ATV. You can capture your event in real-time and stream it to your social media site.


Panasonic, Nikon, Olympus,  and Canon all offer waterproof cameras that can handle extreme off-road adventures.


Document Your Adventures With CFMOTO ATVs


If you’re looking for rugged, high-end ATVs and side by side vehicles for your next riding adventure, CFMOTO offers premier all-terrain vehicles for your trip. We have a wide range of vehicles suited for any experience you want to go on.


To find out more about our line of vehicles, contact a CFMOTO dealer near you.