You love your new side x side. You want it to get you where you need to go safely. You want your side x side to perform at its best. CFMOTO brings you tips and tricks from the professionals on how to get the best driving performance from your side x side.


Drive Your Side X Side Safe Like a Professional

No matter how many rocks and steep hills the professional driver attempts, they always have safety in mind. It is important to use the safety equipment you have on board. Use seat belts and harnesses. Use a helmet when riding in or driving your side x side. When on the trail, use headlights and flagging for visibility.


Driving Performance Takes Practice

While a sport side x side vehicle is specifically designed for off-road travel, it takes time to master difficult terrain. Practice and patience with the process are important. Take the advice of drivers with experience, and have them show you how your side x side handles if you can.  As you become more experienced, you can take on rougher trails.


Be Prepared on the Trail

No one wants to break down on the trail with their utility side x side. When professionals drive, they always carry basic tools for emergency repairs. The perils of off-road environments cause things like tire punctures. By having a properly stocked tool kit on board your side x side, you can make repairs to get you back home.


Tweak Your Suspension

Your suspension is adjustable for a reason. We can’t begin to predict what terrain you will use your side x side on. A professional knows that a properly adjusted suspension increases performance and comfort in your side x side. Set your ride height and damping adjustments for your terrain. Consult your owner’s manual on how to adjust your suspension.


Maintain Your Side X Side for Peak Performance

By consulting your owner’s manual on your side x side, you can find the maintenance items for your vehicle. You can achieve top performance by keeping your side x side maintained. Look for proper tire pressure settings, how often to change the fluids, and items that you should be cleaning regularly. The owner’s manual will also give you guidelines on lubrication for your suspension on your side x side.


Your Leading Side X Side Manufacturer

CFMOTO prides itself in being the nation’s leading side x side manufacturer. We know you depend on your side x side for work and play, so we build our off-road vehicles to last. For the nation’s best off-road vehicles, look to CFMOTO. For more information, contact your nearest CFMOTO dealer today.