Owning an ATV is about riding. Riding with a group is far more enjoyable than going it alone. When you plan a large-group ATV adventure there are many items to consider. CFMOTO guides you through the process of how to make that large-group ATV adventure enjoyable and successful.


Steps to Planning Your ATV Adventure

Planning your ATV adventure begins with choosing a place to have the fun. Once you choose the place, you should handle logistics like transporting your ATVs to the location. You should manage your group’s transport as well. Communication with all parties is key so that everyone knows where to go, what they are doing, what they need to bring, and expectations of the trip.


Choosing Your ATV Adventure Location

Knowing the makeup and skill-set of the riders in your group is important in looking at the location for your ATV adventure. More than likely, the skills in your large group will range from beginner riders to those seeking more adventure. It would be wise to break the group up into the type of ride they want. Then you can look at venues that have multiple trails for different riding types. By offering a venue with choices, you can keep your large group happy.


Handling Group Paperwork

As you sign into most  ATV parks, there are several papers to fill out and sign. It will not work well if you wait until everyone in your group arrives to get the paperwork done. Coordinate with the venue ahead of time to get copies of necessary documents prior to arrival. Get all the items filled out, and present them as a packet when you arrive to quickly get your group on the trails and having fun.


Transporting ATVs for Large Groups

Once you choose your venue, you should inquire about parking. If there is not a lot of parking for tow vehicles, you will need to accommodate this in your logistics of transporting ATVs. Some parks and sites may not be able to handle a large group’s individual tow vehicles for your event. You may need to provide commercial transport like flatbed trucks for your group’s ATVs.


Checklist for Your Group ATV Adventure

It is wise to build a checklist for your group’s ATV adventure. Participants will need to know information about the trip and things to pack. You can build a checklist that provides all the information for the trip. You can include things like:


●        Location of Venue

●        Type of Trails to Expect

●        Items to /Bring (food, water, etc)

●        Rules of Park/Venue

●        Safety and First Aid Information


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