Your CFMOTO owner’s manual is an important tool in ownership of your ATV or off-road vehicle. It is a wealth of information for safe use and maintenance of your CFMOTO brand vehicle. We encourage you to read the manual to get to know your new CFMOTO equipment. Reading your CFMOTO owner’s manual will help you operate your all-terrain vehicle safely.


Anatomy of Your CFMOTO Owner’s Manual

Your CFMOTO owner’s manual is a wealth of information on your all-terrain vehicle. We break the manual up into sections to make it easy to find what you need when you need it. The information in the owner’s manual will help you operate your vehicle safely and keep it maintained for years of trouble-free use. Here is the basic outline of a CFMOTO owner’s manual.


●        Safety. We begin every owner’s manual with safety tips for operation of your CFMOTO vehicle. This section includes operator safety, warnings, meanings of labels on your vehicle and locations of safety features.

●        Features and Controls. In this section, we tell you all about the operation of your CFMOTO vehicle. We let you know what controls operate what functions. We diagram each part of your all-terrain vehicle and its function is described. To get to know your CFMOTO vehicle, this section is a must-read.

●        Operation. This section outlines safe operation of your and how to break in your new CFMOTO all-terrain vehicle. This section also gives you driving strategies to conquer your off-road adventures and rough terrain. For new and experienced riders alike, this is a section you should definitely not skip.

●        Maintenance. On CFMOTO all-terrain vehicles, trail-ready comes standard. To keep your vehicle in tip-top condition, this section of the owner’s manual is critical. It tells you all about all the maintenance needed to have trouble-free performance from your CFMOTO vehicle.

●        Cleaning and Storage. This section gives you all the items you should be cleaning for continued trouble-free performance of your vehicle. For those owners that do not use their CFMOTO all-terrain vehicle year-round, this section also tells you how best to store your vehicle in your off-season.

●        Diagnosing Issues. We pride ourselves on producing durable off-road vehicles. Occasionally, you may have trouble with your all-terrain vehicle. This section should be your first stop when you notice problems. It is a wealth of information and may let you avoid costly repairs by diagnosing simple issues.

●        Warranty. This section includes all the details about your CFMOTO limited warranty for your vehicle.


Experience More Together With CFMOTO

At CFMOTO, we develop, manufacture, and deliver the world’s most stable outdoor all-terrain vehicles. With over three decades of experience, we have more than 98 vehicle models for your outdoor work and adventures. We provide advanced powersports equipment to dealers globally. For more information, contact your nearest CFMOTO dealer today.