Are you trying to decide which side by side is best for you? CFMOTO has two types of side by sides. The first is our Z-Force series which is our sports side by side. This one is a high-performance fun riding vehicle. The second is our U-Force series which is our sports utility side by side. This one is used more for working, hauling, and dumping things. Here are some features and benefits of having a side by side vehicle.


Benefits of Side by Sides

Side by sides is small 2-6-person four-wheel drive off-road vehicles. Most side by sides has seat belts and roll-over protection. Their seats are side by side and have higher backs which make it more comfortable to ride in the vehicle. Side by sides has a large rear cargo hold. Side by sides can haul payloads of 800 to 1350 pounds above the passenger’s weight. The sports utility vehicles are great for doing specialized work.


Z-Force Series

Our Z-Force series is more of a high-performance vehicle which is great for having fun and being adventurous. The Z-Force series has four different models that come in three to four different colors. Each model has some pretty impressive features of its own but here are some standard features that come with the Z-Force series.


●        Driven Clutch with a Wet Clutch

●        Engagement for Dependable Performance

●        Trail Handy with a Widespread or Thin Frame

●        Ground-breaking Wheel Design to Avoid Mud Build-up


U-Force Series

Our U-Force series is a working vehicle. It is great hauling, dumping, and working around your home or farm. The U-Force series has two different models and comes in two to three different colors including camo. Each U-Force model has some spectacular features of its own but here are some standard features of the U-Force series:


●        Standard safety door

●        Huge payload dump box with nitrogen gas mechanism aided lift

●        Glove box

●        Remarkable hauling capacity and torque


Z-Force and U-Force Series

Both of these series are great vehicles and have their standard features and benefits. However, here are some standard features that come on both series.


●        Projector headlight

●        LED accent lights

●        Stainless steel front and rear bumpers

●        3000-pound winch

●        Vehicle grade paint

●        Knobby CST tires

●        Adjustable shocks

●        1 toot ground clearance


CFMOTO is Your Premier Side by Side Manufacturer

Are you looking to get a side by side for work or recreation? Let your local CFMOTO dealer help you make the correct choice to fit your needs. To find out more about our side by sides, contact a CFMOTO dealer near you.