ATVs are important pieces of equipment for outdoor fanatics looking to explore farmland in the remote backcountry. ATVs can go anywhere from trails, over rocks, through the muck, and around trees. ATVs are great for hauling things, mowing grass, or just having fun. Your local CFMOTO dealer can get you set up with one to meet your needs. Here are four tips to help you get the most out of your ATV.


1. Inspect Before You Ride

Inspect your ATV before you ride it. A good checklist to follow is T-CLOC checklist. Checking these things before you ride will keep you and your ATV safe.


Tires and Wheels. Check air pressure, tire condition, and make sure the nuts on the axle are tight.


Controls and Cables. Check controls, throttle, brakes and other cables to make sure they are working correctly.


Lights and Electrics. Check condition and operation of the ignition, stop switches, headlights, and taillights.


Oil and Fuel. Make sure the fuel and oil are at proper levels. Also, check for leaks and air filter.


Chain/Drive Shaft and Chassis. Inspect the chain/drive shaft and make sure all the nuts, bolts, and fasteners are tight and secure.


2. Know the Laws

Make sure you know the laws regarding ATV usage and regulations for safety equipment. The laws can vary from state to state. If you are not sure what the laws are for the state that you are in, you can look it up online at the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America. You can also contact the local government office for specific information.


3. Obey the Golden Rules

Before you go riding make sure you know the “golden rules” of safety.


●        Wear proper safety gear and clothing.

●        Do not drive on paved roads, other than crossing them.

●        Never ride an ATV under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

●        Do not try to carry more passengers than your ATV is rated for carrying.

●        Ride on designated ATV-friendly trails and at safe speeds.


4. Use Common Courtesy

Sometimes trails cross both public and private land so use common courtesy. Being courteous will help keep the trails open by showing respect for others.


●        Leave gates and fences the way you found them.

●        Obey all trail markers and road signs.

●        Leave an area cleaner than you found it.

●        Be courteous to off-trail riders or hikers.

●        Be cautious of horses,  livestock, and wildlife.


ATVs at Your Local CFMOTO Dealer

Are you in need of help on your farmland or wanting a little off the road fun? Check out your local CFMOTO dealer. CFMOTO specializes in ATVs, sports side by sides, and utility sports side by sides. Give us a call today so we can meet your all-terrain needs. You can reach us at (763) 398-2690, or you can message us on our contact page.