When it comes to your ATV, you need the right tires based on the primary utility and terrain. CFMOTO can provide the right tires to improve your ATV experience. Each ATV or side by side comes with original manufacturer tires, however you may want to switch to a different style based on where you like to ride. And there are many options to choose from. Whether you are racing, trail riding, off-roading, or trekking through sand, mud, or snow, your dealer can help you find the perfect fit. Let's examine some key factors when looking for ATV tires with more specialized functions than the all-purpose standard design.


Sand Dune Tires

Sand dune riding is one of the most thrilling experiences on an ATV. When looking for the perfect tires for sand terrain, you want to think about what kind of traction you need. Straight paddle tires drag the sand, climb sand hills, and are optimal for straight line running. For general riding, the angled paddle tires allow for easier steering and control for maneuvering around the sand.


Mud Tires

Mud tires provide the most traction of all specialized ATV tires. The angled knobs, wide spacing, and shoulder lugs dig into the muddy terrain. This design disperses mud instead of holding it inside the tread. Mud tires provide the best grip for the most extreme road conditions. Beware when riding on hard terrain, as mud tires will not provide good traction and will cause a bumpy ride.


Rocky Terrain Tires

When cruising your ATV around rocky or hard surfaces, look for a tight tread pattern that provides high contact with surfaces. Deep acute angled grooves will allow traction for loose gravel yet still climb rocks with ease. ATV tires developed for rocky terrain will be extra durable to protect from objects that may puncture the rubber.

Sport and Racing Tires

Racing tires have many options for the ATV. Made for medium terrains, race tires are lightweight with a pattern designed for maximum traction. ATV racing tires come in many options so evaluate them all to find the right design for your racing needs. High surface contact improves braking and acceleration, crucial for improving racing performance.


Snow Tires

Specific tires for snow are not readily available in mass production. Mud tires have the best traction tread pattern with wide, deep grooves. Most ATV enthusiasts who need traction in the snow use tire chains around standard mud tires to provide the best performance in snowy terrain.


Find The Right Tires For Your ATV With CFMOTO

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