The all-terrain vehicle, or ATV, has found its way into the lexicon of agriculture. Farmers need a more efficient substitute for pickup trucks, tractors, horses, and walking. For half the cost of a subcompact tractor, an ATV from CFMOTO gives you horsepower, speed, and maneuverability over all terrains. Our ATVs are more agile than traditional utility task vehicles (UTVs) and can navigate narrow, treacherous places that are commonplace in farming communities. Let's take a look at a few reasons the ATV is becoming the new workhorse on the farm.


Hauling and Dragging

In a single day’s work on a farm, it’s surprising to see just how many supplies drag from place to place. Increase your hauling speed and capacity across your farmland with an ATV. Simply dragging supplies around can quickly burn up daylight. Here are just some of the items you can quickly move around the farm on a vast multitude of terrains:

●        Fencing

●        Tools

●        Medical Supplies

●        People

●        Food

●        Firewood

●        Animal feed

●        Gravel

●        Weapons

●        Hunting game

●        Seeds, soil, and mulch

●        Harvesting samples

Livestock Herding

Cattle ranchers and farmers with livestock often use dogs and other antiquated methods to keep an eye on and heard their animals. With an ATV, you can get to the fields and check on your stock, or eliminate a predator, fast. Round up your animals quickly and effectively in a natural disaster with a high-speed, agile ATV. Quickly and easily cover large pastures and open ranges with the safety and speed of an all-terrain vehicle.


Cross-Farm Transportation

Traditionally a farmer or farm hand gets from place to place by riding a horse, tractor, or simply walking. When you have acres of farmland to navigate, an all-terrain vehicle is a faster, safer, and more efficient way to travel. During medical or weather emergencies common on farmland, get to safety fast with a quality ATV. Without slow and cumbersome methods of travel, you can increase the speed and efficiency of your farming operation. The ability to get where you want to go quickly can equate to reduced operational costs of your farm, increasing the return rate of an ATV investment.


Supercharge Your Farm With An ATV From CFMOTO

If you are looking to upgrade your farm with an ATV, contact CFMOTO. One of the top ATV companies in the world, we provide exceptional, high-end vehicles at affordable prices. Experience more together with a world-class quality ATV manufacturer. For more information about our products, locate your nearest CFMOTO dealer today!