You depend on your ATV for many things. It might be your livelihood or the key to your outdoor recreation. Building and keeping your ATV trail-ready is part of our mission at CFMOTO. Use spring as a reminder for maintenance to keep your ATV working and playing at its best for you.


Spring Maintenance

Spring is a good time to check up on your ATV or utility side by side vehicle to make sure it continues to give you good service throughout the warmer seasons to come. By doing a few simple things, you can keep that ATV running without issue. Whether you are on on the trail, or at the farm, you depend on the service of your ATV to get you where you are going. Here are a few things to check as spring hits your part of the country:


Battery. If you operate several ATVs or want take extra care of the one you have, one of your investments needs to be a battery gauge to measure the strength of your battery. Clean the terminals on the battery cables with either a can of coke or a mixture of water and baking soda. Especially if your ATV sits up for a while, a battery check is in order and may need replacing.


Check and Fill Fluids. The best thing you can do to protect your ATV engine and keep it operating smoothly is keep an eye on your fluid levels. Check the oil, coolant, and differential fluid levels. Refer to the operation manual for how often you should change your oil.


Filters and Plugs. Spring is a good time to go ahead and change air filters and spark plugs. Both are easily accessible and often the culprits of bad performance.


Tires and Wheels. Maintaining proper pressure in your tires will help with maneuverability on your property. Check your tires for damage from the trail. It is important to note that over time, through use, the lug nuts on your wheels may loosen. Make sure they are tight as part of your spring maintenance routine.


Brakes and Cables. Check your brake pads for wear and possible replacement. Trace out your cables and check for any damage or loose connections.


Suspension. Check all shocks and suspension equipment. Shocks can loosen over time and under heavy use will need replacing every so often. If your ATV or utility side by side isn’t riding as well as it once did, the suspension may be the offender.


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