ATV enthusiasts are always looking for the next adventure. This spring or summer, the road less taken might lead you to the northeastern U.S. where mountainous terrain and rugged trails are bountiful. Below are some of our picks for extreme adventures that offer almost any landscape for ATV riders. No matter where you choose to go off-road, CFMOTO has the perfect sport side by side utility vehicle for you.


1. Tall Pines - Andover, New York

Tall Pines ATV Park near Andover, New York is a little like a trip to your grandparents’ farm, a weekend camping trip, and an over-the-top riding adventure, all wrapped in a weekend-worthy excursion! Winding through fields and forests are over 60 miles of trails for riders of all abilities. If you just want a relaxing ride through the country, they have plenty of trails for you. If you prefer something a little more adventurous and want to challenge yourself in the mud and rocks, Tall Pines is the place for you!


2. Field & Forest - Harrisville, New Hampshire

Field & Forest is an outdoor event facility and recreation area catering to large groups and events. The facility hosts several ATV, 4x4, and motorcycle events annually as well as provide facilities for events hosted by multiple other groups. Whether you sign up for an event or want to create some action with your large group, you can do it here. There’s plenty of off-road trails that wind through fields and forests, as well as through muddy banks and small creeks.


3. Pine Barrens - Hammonton, New Jersey

If you’re looking for a place to get your boots muddy for the first time, Pine Barrens offers a camp riding school for beginners of all ages. Pine Barrens is one of the oldest facilities, as many of the trails date back to the 17th century. Riders can explore over one million acres of pine forests, cedar swamps, and streams. There is usually an abundance of water, so expect to get your feet wet and your sport side by side muddy in the many mud holes and water crossings.


4. Rocky Mountain Terrain Park - Carthage, Maine

Rocky Mountain Terrain Park is Maine's premier off-road outdoor playground enthusiast. Located on 700 acres of Maine's beautiful rocky terrain, they offer multiple courses and tracks where you can test the limits of your CFMOTO ATV and your skills. In addition to off-roading, they also offer camping, guided trail trips, all-inclusive food packages, a shooting range, as well as snowcross, tubing and ice skating in the winter months! It’s also a kid-friendly facility that offers a 12-and-under track.


5. Gremlin Graveyard - Sturbridge, Massachusetts

The trails in Gremlin Graveyard not only have fantastic views and excellent camping but provide some epic riding as well. The Graveyard offers hundreds of miles of ATV trails. The single-track trails are quite technical with steep drop-offs, narrow switchbacks, some rocky sections, and should probably be saved for more experienced and advanced riders. They are an incredibly fun ride if you are up for the challenge! The ATV trails are reasonably moderate and can be handled by the average skilled rider. You can travel for miles and not cover the same ground.



CFMOTO Has Your Off-Road Utility Side by Side Ride

With CFMOTO, you can experience more ATV action together with our custom designed liquid-cooled 4-stroke engines, and an unmatched assortment of standard features. Our ATVs and side by sides are perfect for tackling the trailheads or using as heavy-duty utility machine. To find out more about utility vehicles, find your local dealer and give ‘em a call.