One of the benefits of CFMOTO ATVs is all the features that come with each model. Although many of the features are standard, others provide perks that any driver simply can't live without while driving. Below are five of the most popular features we offer. If you have any questions about our models or the features, please contact us!


1. 2wd/4wd Thumb Control with 4wd Differential Lock

CFMOTO utilizes high-end 4-wheel drive technology with our 4wd differential lock. The differential provides increased traction. This feature empowers the ATV to overcome limitations that come with a standard open differential. When both wheels lock on the same axel, they give the ATV more traction. The 2wd/4wd thumb control gives you instant access to the differential lock for greater flexibility as you are operating the vehicle.


2. CVTech Drive Clutches with Engine Brake

This component gives the belt longer life without wearing down. Like many of the other parts aboard our ATVs, the CVTech clutches are lightweight, giving the vehicle more agility and freedom of movement. The clutch has a tight grip at lower RPMs, giving you more control and engagement and power on all terrain.


3. Multi-Function Digital Dashboard

A dash is as vital to your operation as it is on any other transport. Our multi-function digital dash is easy to glance at and gives you accurate readings throughout the machine's performance. We equip our dashboards with a digital speedometer, fuel gauge, temperature gauge, odometer, clock and other displays. The dash is easy on the eyes with soft lighting and easy to clean. The clear hard cover keeps it dust-free.


4. Heavy-Duty Steel Storage Racks

With the heavy-duty storage racks, you can take your gear and supplies with you on your adventure. There's plenty of room to store camping gear, food, drinks, or anything else. They hold up well in rugged performance. They make the perfect platform for all your supplies.


5. 2” Hitch Receiver with Power Socket

Our ATVs can do more than just carry you on the rough terrain. They also provide enough torque and power to pull a trailer behind. Simply hook the trailer up to the 2" hitch receiver and plug the lights into the handy power socket. These features make it perfect for the working on the farm, pulling a load on the construction site, or pulling extra gear for your camping or hunting trip.


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