Thinking about taking a much needed spring or summer vacation soon? Whether you like backcountry trail riding or prefer to ride in open landscapes, you’ll be sure to have an experience you’ll never forget when you visit any of these awesome riding areas in the northwest United States. So load up the ATVs and head to any of these renowned sites for the ultimate weekend getaway!

Here are some of the places we at CFMOTO recommend for ATV riders, so you can find the perfect place for you, regardless of experience level.

Capitol State Forest in Western Washington

This forest contains over 80 miles of trails for ATV riders from April 30th to December 1st. Majority of the trails are hard packed with occasional rocky or muddy areas, but the best part is the forest keeps your ride pleasantly cool during those hot, summer months.

Keep in mind that because this is an area with drastic elevation changes, you must be prepared for all types of weather, as temperatures can change in an instant.

If you’re a visitor, you can choose to lodge in the nearby town or stay at one of the many campgrounds in the forest. For more information about the outstanding recreation and camping at Capitol Forest, visit their website to learn more.

Devil’s Backbone in Washington

With certain parts of the trail geared for the more advanced rider, Devil’s Backbone Trail actually crests the “Devil’s Backbone” mountain and provides stunning views of the beautiful Washington landscape.

It’s one of the 200+ miles of trails in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, so there is something to do for all riding levels.

Want to camp while you’re here? There are numerous camping sites in the area, making it a popular choice for ATV and side by side riders alike.

St. Anthony Sand Dunes in Idaho

One of the largest sand dune areas in the United States, the St. Anthony Sand Dunes are a 10,600-acre ATV playground. If you’re not familiar with high-elevation areas, it’s good to know that the elevation of the land is roughly 5,000 feet, and the largest dunes can tower up to 400 feet.

Part of the area is designated for wilderness studies only so the park requests you try to avoid damage to the vegetation while you visit. However, despite the rugged-looking terrain, it’s fairly accessible for riders of all ages and ability levels, and it’s a common family-friendly spot.

To learn more about this awesome park, check out all the great riding, camping, and hiking details on the Bureau of Land Management website.

Blacktail Mountain Trails in Montana

Almost all off-road vehicles can use this trail system, though it’s mainly designed for ATVs and side by sides – perfect for our CFMOTO riders. You can ride gravel trails as well as hard- and soft-packed soil trails, with both light to moderate elevation changes.

And if you’re looking for a little more challenge, obstacles have been scattered on parts of the trail system, perfect for the adventure enthusiast.

This immense trail system offers stunning, scenic views of the vast Flathead National Forest mountains, so you’ll definitely want to stay a while to take it all in. The area has various designated areas for camping, however you’ll want to plan ahead of time, as space is sometimes limited.

Arapeen Motorized ATV Trail in Utah

While there’s some debate as to whether Utah is part of the Northwest or Southwest, the truth is it’s a bit of both. The northern parts of the state are very much the Northwest, and these areas are popular for hiking, skiing, and more.

For ATV riders, don’t forget to check out the over 550 miles of trail here that all lead to the well-known Skyline Drive. Most of the trails are in Sanpete County, but some move further north. YOu can enjoy both the desert and mountainous views that Utah has to offer.

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