We all know the best place to ride your ATV or side by side is on a remote trail or in an open field, but doing so also means coming in contact with nature’s finest elements. And when you’re traveling at high speeds, you’ll want to make sure your head, hands, and limbs are well protected. No matter the weather or outside temperatures, riding with the proper gear is important for having a safe, fun ride. Accidents are not planned, therefore it’s important to gear up just in case! CFMOTO strongly considers all our riders to use the following gear every time you ride.


●        Helmet

This is arguably one of the most important pieces of safety equipment you should own if you’re an avid ATV or side by side rider. Don’t mistake proper ATV helmets for your everyday bike helmet. A good-quality helmet will give your most vulnerable part of the body the best protection possible. Prevent any unnecessary head injuries if you happen to fall from your machine by investing in a full-coverage ATV helmet. In all states, it’s not required by law to wear a helmet when riding an ATV, but it is strongly encouraged.


●        Gloves

Having a good grip on the steering wheel or handlebars is a must to be able to maintain optimal control or your side by side or ATV. Invest in a reliable pair of gloves to not only help you keep control but also protect your hands from branches when you ride on the trail.


●        Boots

If you want to follow all safety gear protocol, you will have to dress the part, head to toe. Proper riding boots will give your feet better grip and support while you ride. They will also absorb shock and keep your feet protected should you fall off your machine. The thick, sturdy material of ATV riding boots also has the ability to protect your feet from the heat that emanates from the motor, which is located directly below your legs and feet.


●        Long Sleeved Shirt/Pants

We understand it may be hot outside, but wearing a long-sleeved shirt and pants can protect your skin from abrasions. Most ATV and side by side riders ride their machines on trails, fields, and backroads. When you ride in nature, there’s a possibility of being hit with stray rocks, dirt, branches, and other debris, so it’s best to make sure your arms and legs are protected.


●        Goggles

Getting anything in your eyes when riding your machine means your ride could come to an abrupt halt. The bigger the debris, the more damage your eye(s) could suffer. Eye protection is a must when it comes to ATV and side by side safety, especially for those who love off-road riding. Keep in mind, if you’re riding with a group, flying debris is quite common, so having proper eye protection is extremely important.


●        Chest Protector

Chest protectors are especially popular with avid ATV riders and racers, however, it’s encouraged for all ATV and side by side owners to have this important piece of equipment. A chest protector can protect your torso from large debris that may come your way, as well as offer vital protection to the core of your body if you were to fall off your ATV. A quality chest protector is often overlooked as an important piece of riding gear, but it can be very important.


The safety of our riders is our number one focus at CFMOTO. Therefore, we encourage all our riders to invest in quality gear so they can stay safe while riding our machines. Proper ATV and side by side knowledge is also a must before you consider hopping on your machine and taking it for a ride. Therefore, all CFMOTO dealers offer a hands-on safety training course for new CFMOTO owners, so they can be prepared before they ride. For more machine safety information, visit our Vehicle Safety page, or contact your nearest dealer.