The Chinese-made CFMoto 650 NK can’t help but remind you of the Japanese invasion of the 1960s. Just as Honda’s game-changing CB450 was the first Japanese motorcycle Western customers saw as fun as well as functional, sporty in addition to affordable, the naked NK appears to be the first “real” bike to emanate from the world’s largest motorcycle market that is the People’s Republic of China.


Powered by a parallel-twin, 649cc engine that matches Kawasaki’s ER-6n in almost every respect—there’s little denying that this is a knock-off of a proven Japanese design—the NK is still the first motorcycle to come out of China with an engine larger than 250cc. And after riding the NK, I’m convinced that it’s worthy competition for any budget or beginner’s bike from Asia or Europe, and available at a significantly lower price. In Australia, the 650 NK will sell for just more than half as much as its Kawasaki competitor.

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