If you're looking for a motorcycle and are trying to purchase your own bike for the first time, you may wonder how to tell the difference between different kinds of bikes. Naked bikes are a standard option you might have come across. But, as you've probably guessed, the term has nothing to do with clothing or a lack of it.

Instead, naked bikes are models without fairings that offer a more stripped-down appeal. In this guide, you'll learn more about naked bikes and why many riders can't get enough of them.

What Are Fairings on a Motorcycle?

Before going further, it's important to take a second to talk about fairings. This term refers to many protection panels on a motorbike that cover the frame.

Fairings can reduce drag and make a bike more aerodynamic, so they are common on racing bikes. Generally, fairings are made from fiberglass, plastic, or aluminum.

What Makes a Naked Bike a Naked Bike?

There are a few components that naked bikes have when compared to other styles.


  • They don't have fairings. Instead, the frames are more "open."
  • They often have foot controls positioned in the center and a handlebar that's mounted higher on the bike.
  • They generally allow the rider to drive in an upright position that can be more comfortable.

When it comes to naked bikes, there is a range and a lot of variety. Some have a more vintage look, while others are much sportier and modern, like the 300NK.

Reasons People Love Naked Bikes

Naked bikes are ideal motorcycles for many riders, and the reasons for loving this style are as unique as those who have them. But, overall, they are a perfect motorbike for people who like to go on longer rides and enjoy the comfort and a strong command of the road.

While they don't have the same aerodynamics as some racing bikes, they are still sleek. Naked bikes also offer adaptability to various road conditions.

Finally, many people love naked bikes because they look great. They showcase the natural beauty of a motorcycle, including the frame. So, while the aesthetics of a bike are personal preference, some just prefer the look of a naked bike.

Begin Your Adventure With a CFMOTO Naked Bike

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