When you decide to buy your first motorcycle, picking out the right kind of bike is a big, exciting step. Two of the main motorcycle styles that are perfect for newer riders are sport bikes and naked bikes. Both of these options have a sleek appearance, great handleability, and many advantages, but there are some differences between the two.

In this guide, you'll learn some key distinctions between sport bikes and naked bikes to help you pick what works best for you.

Fairings: The Big Difference Between the Two

The average person might see a sport bike on the road and associate it with racing, which has to do with the streamlined appearance of the sport bikes. These bikes have coverings that protect the motorbike's frame and are usually made from aluminum, plastic, or fiberglass.

Naked bikes, on the other hand, don't have fairings. Instead, the bike frame is open and viewable.

So, sport and naked bikes have aesthetic differences, and some people prefer one over the other. Sport bikes can also have improved speed as the fairings can reduce wind resistance.

More Key Differences Between Sport and Naked Bikes

While fairings are the primary distinction between the two, there are a couple more to know about to help you decide on your first motorcycle.

These include:

  • Sport bikes have handlebars that sit lower on the bike, while naked bikes have higher handlebars.
  • Sport bikes usually make the rider sit lower and hunched over, while naked bikes allow for a more upright riding position.

The main difference here is that sport bikes create more of a racing look and feel. This can be exciting but is sometimes more uncomfortable for longer rides. Naked bikes make for a more relaxed riding experience.

Find Your Perfect CFMOTO Motorcycle

Finding the perfect bike for you is often a matter of trying a few out. CFMOTO offers various models of both sport and naked bikes. From our 300SS to our 700 CL-X, there's a motorcycle that will give you that sense of excitement and enjoyment you want.

Look for a CFMOTO dealer in your area to get started test riding.