The American Northeast—think the original thirteen colonies and other states around that region—isn’t often the first thing that comes to mind when you think of adventure bike riding. Perhaps you’re more interested in the heavy-hitters of the American South that blend the beauty of nature with nearby urban getaways, or the beachy vibes that come with a trip to the West Coast. A biking trip to Maine, of all places? No thank you!

But just like any region in the United States, the American Northeast is rich with riding opportunities—if you know where to look and are ready for a bit of adventure. Below, CFMOTO, your preferred ATV company, side by side manufacturer, and motorcycle company, details just a few routes that await when you make the jaunt up to New England.

The Mad River Glen

How’s that for a cool name? And don’t worry about the route itself; it more than lives up to the precedence that name sets. Per, which aggregates the riding community’s favorite routes, “the scenery and the endless turns all with some nice elevation changes made it a very enjoyable ride.” Indeed, Vermont, like much of the American Northeast, is known for its lovely fall colors, which makes the Mad River Glen a great choice if you’re looking for a fall getaway.

But you should be prepared for a bit of a hike to get there—perhaps not in the literal sense, but certainly in the metaphorical one. The same site mentioned before also attests to this route’s remoteness and the consequential lack of care it can sometimes receive. While these both can be exciting for the experienced rider, the novice might not appreciate it as much. Either way: if you drive carefully, you’re in for quite the scenic and engaging trip.

Long Island’s North Shore

It’s not a route, per se—more of a region, but if you’re on your way to the Big Apple, it’s definitely a ride-worthy stop. You’ll find the quaint vibes that so much of the Northeastern United States is known for; tiny towns with names like Huntington and Cold Spring Harbor dot the shoreline. You can find a personal account of one rider’s experience exploring this region here.

Occasionally, you’ll dip into city riding while traveling in this area, though it never becomes mundane or ordinary. For instance, if you’re near Oyster Bay, you could get the novel thrill of crossing a drawbridge! As a bonus, this region is quite near a variety of the boroughs of New York City itself, so civilization (in the most fitting sense of the word, we’d say!) is never that far away. Experience New York’s globally known atmosphere, then sneak off for a soothing bike ride away from it all. It’s the best of both worlds; what more could you ask for from a vacation opportunity?

Kancamagus Highway / Scenic Byway

Dotted with campgrounds and hiking trails, the Kancamagus Highway—or the Kanc, as it’s colloquially called—is one route for the adventure bike rider who also wants to get in touch with nature during their trip.

There’s also no shortage of the scenery you’ll see on the ride itself. We’ll just let the scenic byway’s official website do the talking on that one: “The Kancamagus Scenic Byway takes you through a path cut through the White Mountain National Forest with breathtaking views of the White Mountains, the Swift River, Sabbaday Falls, Lower Falls and Rocky Gorge. The Kanc takes you to an elevation of just under 3,000 feet at its highest point at Kancamagus Pass on the flank of Mt. Kancamagus near Lincoln, NH.”

Though it does give you quite the comprehensive tour of some of the region’s prettiest landmarks, what the Kancamagus Highway is most known for is its fall colors. You’ll need to be quick to catch the leaves at their most stellar. Per the byway’s website, “Peak fall foliage can be seen in the first two weeks of October. Normally, by the third to fourth week of October, the color of the leaves start turning brownish as the foliage season heads past peak.” Weather and climate conditions, of course, can affect this.

Even if you don’t get to see the awesome autumnal display in all its glory, though, the Kanc provides more than enough extra entertainment to go around; it’s worth the trip no matter the month. Take your CFMOTO ATV or CFMOTO side by side along for the trip!

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