Peppy, zippy, and oh-so-urban-chic, the CFMOTO Papio is the bike of every city commuter’s dreams. Small and agile, it’s a pro at weaving through morning traffic, and its bright colors help you stay seen on the road, where chaos is practically a given. This model is ideal for anyone who wants the thrill of the ride, no matter where they live. You’ll be getting to your destination and looking cool doing it.

But what’s on the outside isn’t just what makes the Paipo special; it’s chock-full of amazing features that make driving fun and exhilarating. Below, CFMOTO details just a few of our favorite features from one of our smallest and lightest bikes. Trust us: it was hard to pick!

An Air-Cooled Engine

The Papio is the only CFMOTO bike that features an air-cooled engine. Because it requires considerably less infrastructure, this cooling method makes for a lighter, easier-to-maintain bike. Other methods of cooling most certainly have their place and advantages, and you’ll see them used on the rest of our lineup, but for a bike that prioritizes simplicity and maneuverability air cooling is where it’s at.

This simple infrastructure makes the Papio an ideal starter bike. For those who don’t want all the bells and whistles because they’re just getting into life on two wheels—your ideal ride awaits. But it’s not just its simple engine that makes it great for new riders; as we’ll get into in a bit, the Papio boasts numerous extras that make it a novice biker’s dream.

Disc Brakes

City riding is tough. Not only must you deal with frequent starts and stops, but other drivers aren’t always the most conscientious or understanding of mini bike riders. Luckily, the CFMOTO Papio features disc brakes for the ultimate in control and maneuverability, so you can handle morning traffic safely and without stress. This type of brake system is generally considered to be higher-power than many other brake types on the market, and when you add the Papio’s lightweight profile into the equation, you’re left with some supreme stopping capabilities.

We mean this in terms of speed, of course, but also handleability. At CFMOTO, we prioritize safe rides, and we want to bring you machines that facilitate them. The Papio, in addition to its rapid stops, features amazing maneuverability during the process, so that you never feel left-behind or out of control.

Sleek, Stylish Design

We love the rock-and-roll designs of the motorcycles of old, but we also know that times have changed, and not everyone wants a bike painted black to the brim. The CFMOTO Paipo features a European-style design that’s right at home in the city, on the highway—wherever the riding life takes you. It speaks of sportiness and modern sensibilities, not to mention a sense of adventure.

Both color varieties feature a bright splash of color that, while eye-catching and chic, also help you to stay visible in morning traffic. As we cover in our blog featuring the Papio, being assertive on the road is paramount to staying safe. When you’re both stylish and bright on the back of a CFMOTO, though, confidence comes easy.

6-Speed Transmission

With a 6-speed transmission, the Papio takes fun to a whole different level. It’s simpler than ever to get started on your ride. All you need to do is start the bike up and flick your wrist, and you’ll be ready to go. The transmission allows for quick acceleration and smooth riding, so you’ll be cruising in and out of small avenues and onto big highways. Wherever our journey takes you, you’ll be able to shift gears to go the right speed.

Lightweight Perfection For Everyone

Because the Papio is a smaller, lightweight motorcycle, it’s perfect for many people. It doesn’t take a lot of muscle to maneuver, and moves effortlessly for anyone. While it might not be difficult to steer or move around, it does turn heads. So, whether you live in a big city or a small town, everyone will be impressed by your bike. They’ll also be impressed at how simple it is to drive and how it doesn’t take too much work to get on and get moving.

Wide Tires

If you’ve spent a winter in a snowy city, you’ve no doubt seen bicycle commuters swap to ultra-chunky snow tires when the weather gets nasty. This isn’t to compliment the puffy looks of the rider’s winter jacket; it’s to provide added stability and grip on the roads when icy surroundings make that tricky.

Similarly, the Papio features wider tires than older models, which further aids in its already superior maneuverability. Everything on this bike is made for the rider who needs supreme control to stay safe—the tires are no exception.

So Many Valuable Extras

At CFMOTO, we’re proud to make vehicles where the extras come standard—even on our most affordable models. The CFMOTO Papio is no exception. From its LCD display to its LED lights, you’ll find this little bike loaded with the features that you’d typically have to pay extra for. You’ll ride in luxury and style—and relaxation, of course, knowing that your pocketbook didn’t take a hit for you to get there.

CFMOTO: For the Thrill of the Ride

You may know us as America’s premium ATV company and side by side manufacturer, the one that makes machines for those who work hard and play harder. And you’d be right—just add motorcycles to the mix. We’re proud to now produce an entire lineup of two-wheeled machines, all with the same power and reliability you’ve come to expect from the CFMOTO brand. From the urban explorer to the cross-country rider, we’ve got something here for everyone.

If you’re a CFMOTO ATV fan or someone who loves our side-by-sides, what are you waiting for? Take to the highway and see what life on two wheels is all about. And if you’re a longtime motorcycle rider, we welcome you to a faster, safer, more fun way of doing what you love.

Use our online CFMOTO dealer locator now and discover just where our brand new lineup of bikes can take you.