We’ll admit—as far as the United States goes, the South isn’t known for its vacationing potential. It’s stereotyped as the land of heat and desert, with a scorching climate and terrain that’s impossible to handle via motorbike. But if you’re looking for an exciting place to ride your CFMOTO motorcycle, don’t knock the South until you’ve tried it!

In addition to its sometimes scrubby landscape and relatively hot climate, the American South is filled with wild places and hidden gems which are just perfect to experience from the driver’s seat. What’s even better: some of them aren’t particularly far off from civilization, especially when you're on a zippy CFMOTO. Natural getaways await, of course, but so does fine dining and a region rich with urban culture.

Below, CFMOTO, your favorite motorcycle, ATV, and side by side manufacturer, details just a few notable riding destinations in the south, so get your trip planners and a pen ready!

The Twisted Sisters

No, not the heavy metal band by the similar name—we’re talking about the renowned motorcycle route that has “a near cult following,” as per MotorcycleRoads.com, a compendium of some of the best riding spots out there. The Twisted Sisters is a 130-mile-long route in Texas Hill Country, and honestly, it’s worth a trip down South all on its own. It’s on the bucket list of many a motorcycle enthusiast; any rider worth their salt has at least heard its name.

Take on The Twisted Sisters and you’ll cross rivers and cut through rocky walls that rear up alongside you, getting a view of some of the finest scenery Texas has to offer. As its name implies, though, this route is indeed curvy, so drive carefully and don’t take blind turns at top speed. Since the Twisted Sisters is such a long ride with quite a few optional side roads, it also can and does get quite remote. It’s therefore not a route to express your spontaneous side on. Plan ahead, scour your maps for gas and food opportunities, though, and The Twisted Sisters more than lives up to the hype.

Miami to Boca Raton

If you’re looking to go super south for your next ride, Florida more than provides the opportunity, and it’s a particularly great venue for those looking for a more urban-based vacation. A ride from Miami to Boca Raton is a short jaunt that can be completed in an afternoon, but it highlights the state’s unique beachy beauty and gives you plenty to do at either end.

Miami, for instance, isn’t too far away from its fair share of state parks, which provide avenues for outdoor adventures, according to the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau. The city itself is known for its zoo, art galleries, and its thriving nightlife. Boca Raton is a city that “has it all,” according to The Official Tourism Marketing Corporation for Palm Beach County—culture, nature, shopping, dining, art, and more. Notable points of interest include the Daggerwing Nature Center and The Wick Theater and Costume Museum.

One thing to note, though: if you’re planning to ride between two cities—not just Miami to Boca Raton—you’ll need to brush up on your urban driving skills. While all CFMOTOs feature great handling, the frequent starts and stops of a city environment combined with the necessary boldness riders must display in traffic can make it a bit overwhelming if you don’t know what you're doing.

Tail of the Dragon

How’s that for a cool name? If you want some oohs and aahs when you come back from vacation, tell your non-rider friends that you tackled the Tail of the Dragon and just watch their reactions! Your rider buddies will be impressed, too, though, as this road rivals The Twisted Sisters in its curviness and technicality. In fact, according to the route’s official website, it packs “318 curves in 11 miles!” Riders who want a challenge, take note.

The Tail isn’t all hard knocks, though. What makes this route unique is the lack of intersecting roads or driveways. While you’ll generally have to deal with some form of cross-traffic in most motorcycle routes, Tail of the Dragon tends to be smooth sailing. Just watch out for all the other bikers. Because this route is so renowned, weekends get quite crowded, so mind your manners and drive carefully.

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