Sleek, small, and oh-so-maneuverable, the Papio certainly lives up to its perky name. But don’t let that fool you; this urban-worthy bike packs a punch when you need it to. It is a CFMOTO, after all—and just like with CFMOTO ATVs and CFMOTO side by sides, you can expect nothing less than superior strength in addition to undeniable sophistication.

Learning to ride your CFMOTO Papio is similar to learning to ride any CFMOTO, and we cover that topic in detail on our blog. But the Papio is a dream come true for the city commuter with its superior stopping ability and lightweight nature, and handling those tight turns and sometimes confusing traffic signals is enough of a challenge to warrant its own entry.

Below, CFMOTO drops a few tips for not just learning how to ride the most sprightly minibike in our lineup—but learning how to do so confidently.

Learn to be Assertive, Not Aggressive

We’ve all seen that guy before—no matter what car they drive, they insist on hogging the road, tailgating, cutting other people off, and going miles over the speed limit just to get to a stoplight a mere place in front of the car they’re passing. That’s aggressive driving. It’s stupid from a safety standpoint when you’re in a car, but it can be downright deadly on a bike.

Your CFMOTO Papio is quick, maneuverable, and speedy, which can get you out of a jam, but just like any two-wheeled vehicle, it’s smaller than most things on the road. Throwing your weight around won’t end well for you. Ever.

That being said, timidity can also hold you back as a rider. Not having the decisiveness needed to, say, weave out of traffic to keep yourself visible, is just as dangerous as being reckless.

“Know the difference between trying to beat other drivers and manage your surroundings,” suggests Ride Apart, a motorcycle news publication. What this means: act confidently to keep your environment safe, not to show off your bike’s maneuverability. When you’re driving safely and taking advantage of the CFMOTO Papio’s strengths to do so, showing off will take care of itself!

Hold Your Own Personal Space

Okay, that’s a bit broad, and you do that anyway whether you’re on wheels or on foot—so let us explain, because bikes require that you go about this in a unique way, and it’s important to do so for safety purposes.

Motorcycles, and especially the Papio, with its small size, can be hard to see on the road if their rider doesn’t know how to account for it. Add that with the thick traffic that’s common during the morning commute and you’ve got a recipe for… something less than great.

The solution: Hold onto your personal space like your life depends on it. Maneuver to keep yourself in the open and out of traffic clumps to increase your visibility. You can’t control how closely other cars come, but you can take advantage of your CFMOTO Papio’s nimbleness and small size to place yourself in plain sight.

Another thing that helps you maintain your space: high-vis clothing. Over top of your protective gear, consider reflective vests or other bright, attention-grabbing attire. This helps other drivers take note of you, which in turn makes maintaining that bubble of space you need to stay safe all the easier. You’ll practically be as noticeable as a school bus, but with a CFMOTO underneath you, you’ll be a whole lot more stylish!

Take Advanced Riding Courses

Sure, you generally have to go through a lot of education anyway to attain basic riding skills, and that’s education worth paying attention to. If, however, you’re looking to boost your confidence on the road and max out your skills, don’t shy away from additional educational opportunities. They’re great ways to find areas you need to improve on, and when you’re braving morning traffic, evening commutes, and urban nights out on the back of your Papio—living the good life, in other words—it never hurts to learn from those more experienced than you.

Learn to Find Your Escapes

When weaving through urban traffic, you must be on alert at all times. It’s true when you’re driving a car, sure, but it’s doubly so for bikers, because their small size when compared to a car doesn’t offer them as much in the name of physical protection—no matter what kind of bike you ride. A fender bender in a neighboring lane, for instance, can mean you get caught in the crossfire.

While you don’t need to ride like you’re always in trouble, get in the habit of searching for the “out” that you can take should things go south. This may be as simple as a neighboring lane, but when reaction time is limited, you’ll be glad you noted it beforehand.

CFMOTO: Bikes for All Sorts of Adventures

As an ATV company and side by side manufacturer, we know adventure—and we’re proud to begin to bring it to bikers. Use our CFMOTO dealer locator today and discover what a fun-focused bike can do for your next trip, whether it’s across the country or just to the office.