When you’re in the driver’s seat of your CFMOTO sport bike, the sky’s the limit as far as travel destinations—so you might not think of the Midwest as ideal, at first. After all, it’s stereotyped as the land of cows, cornfields, and more cows, with hardly a hill to its name. What’s there to see besides acres upon acres of flat pasture and field?

Bovine population aside, quite a bit, in fact! While it’s no secret that agriculture is big up here, so are the trails for riding your adventure bike. The people here work hard and play harder, and nobody knows how to have fun outdoors like a Midwesterner. Just check out our ATV manufacturer blog that talks about cruising the region on four wheels.

So, if you’re looking for an adventure filled with great trails and great people, let the Midwest provide. Below, we’ll detail some of the region’s top spots to ride your CFMOTO Adventure Bike to give you a taste of just what we’re talking about.

The Oswego to Starved Rock Run

This particular route made MotorcycleRoads.com’s top ten list of rides for the year 2021, so it’s sure one you don’t want to miss. “The road is generally uncongested and offers a nice selection of curves and the scenery can be particularly beautiful in the fall when the leaves have changed colors,” claims the aforementioned website. This means that it’s typically quiet along this route, without much traffic, and its winding nature makes for a ride that’s sure to keep you from getting bored. Just be sure to play it safe on those turns, as they can prove tricky for new riders!

Located in Illinois and only 35 miles long, it makes for a great little jaunt if you’re looking for a day trip option. Starved Rock state park, where the route ends up, features some gorgeous rock formations that any nature enthusiast would be remiss upon passing by. The area is also rich with backstory and lore, making it a great destination if you happen to have a history buff in your party!

It’s important to note that this is more of a “popular route” posted online, with plenty of endorsements from riders themselves, than a single place. You can change things up along the way as you see fit to make your adventure personalized.

Lake Superior

Superior it is indeed, as this is the largest of the Great Lakes and the pride and joy of the Midwest. Take it from an ATV company and side by side manufacturer: if you haven’t seen Lake Superior, you haven’t seen the region’s outdoor beauty at its finest!

As for particular motorcycle routes, these are aplenty and span many states. Rider Magazine features an article that describes a route along Highway 61 that went through Grand Marais, west Duluth to finally end at Palisade Head at Lake Superior itself. There’s also the Wisconsin Lake Superior Scenic Byway, which traverses a variety of cute south-shore towns, with old-fashioned names like Washburn and Herbster.

Because this area is becoming more popular with motorcyclists, you’re likely to find quite a few local businesses catering specifically to this crowd. The towns along the Wisconsin Lake Superior Scenic Byway route also host more than their fair share of special events, such as fish fries and even a sled dog race; plan your route far ahead of time to take advantage of the rich local culture.

The Tunnel of Trees

If you’re looking for a ride that’s as much an oddity as it is gorgeous, look no further than Michigan's Tunnel of Trees. Located along the shore of Lake Michigan itself, this route features trees that crowd right up to the side of the road. In some places, these branches appear to knit together! Some might find riding along it suffocating, others might find it transcendent, but one thing’s for certain: it looks gorgeous in the fall!

It is a popular tourist destination, though, so know that you might need to share the road with a few other drivers. It also is quite narrow and lacks a shoulder in some places, as per AllTrails; if you’re a rider who likes the freedom of the open road, then this route might not be for you.

For everyone else, though, it makes a great novelty ride to cross off your bucket list—and it’s quite close to a variety of touristy towns, too, so it makes a great stop if you’re cruising between them.

CFMOTO: Long Live the Ride

You’ve long trusted us to bring you power and reliability in our ATVs and side by sides—not to mention a thrilling riding experience. We’ve brought all three to our brand new motorcycle line; get yourself to a CFMOTO dealer today so you can hit the road!