Though you might know Texas for cattle and cowboys, the Lone Star State is no slouch when it comes to adventure biking, either. The sportier version of street biking, this sport calls to anyone who loves both the natural world and the thrill of racing down the trails on two wheels. CFMOTO Motorcycle enthusiasts, take note!

That being said, you can’t just pull out your bike wherever in Texas and go for a ride. There is almost no public off-roading in Texas because the state has comparatively little public land. What the state may lack in area, though, it more than makes up for in memorability—and on-road doesn’t always mean a cakewalk! Below, CFMOTO, your number-one ATV company and side by side manufacturer, discusses a few top spots that are more than worth your while to hit up when you’re in the area.

The Hill Country of Central Texas

The appeal is right in the name: hills. And you’ll find lots of them! Less of a distinct park and more of a geographic region, Hill Country nonetheless makes for some fantastic scenery with plenty of history behind it to boot. Granite cliffs and cattle abound, as do wide-open spaces, greenery over red vistas, and clean blue skies. The area offers both dirt and paved options, with enough space to make the trip different and memorable every time. Long expanses of road make for a soothing, one-with-your-bike experience.

It’s also pretty close to a few major cities, so if you need to fuel up your bike or your stomach, you won’t have any problems there.

Hidden Falls Adventure Park

If you’re in for a more rugged adventure, then check out Hidden Falls! A well-known gem among ATV riders, the park also offers just as many options for the motorcycle enthusiast—literally, as “dirt bikes at Hidden Falls Adventure park have access to all trailheads located within the park,” according to the official website. An hour or so from Austin, this park is also relatively accessible and a great spot to gather if you’re meeting friends.

This park is particularly notable for trails accompanied by a wide range of difficulties. Both novices and experts alike can find something that’s challenging here, as well as smooth and simple routes. Couple that with the camping opportunities provided at this park, and you’ll be all set to go for a weekend. Rough it in a bunkhouse, live it up in luxury at Zip’s House, or curl up in the modest Starlite Motel. Just like its trails, there’s something here in the camping department for everyone.

But just like the rest of Texas, Hidden Falls isn’t to be discounted in the scenery department, either. Rough brush over rugged sand and rock is the primary terrain here, and its sloping hills make for some truly breathtaking views—though the park sports a brook or two.

Big Bend Ranch State Park

Lots of parks have “big” in the name. But according to Texas Parks and Wildlife, Big Bend Ranch State Park holds the title of being the biggest state park in Texas! If you want to say that you’ve ridden in the largest park in the largest state in the continental USA, well—this one’s a must-see.

Of course, though, we wouldn’t be talking about it here unless Big Bend Ranch State Park is more than a novelty. As an International Dark Sky Park, the stargazing here is sublime, so if you’ve got an amateur astronomer in your riding group or just someone who appreciates the night sky, Big Bend Ranch is where it’s at. With bunkhouse lodging available and plenty of rugged real estate to explore, it’s perfect for anyone who isn’t afraid of a little dirt, sweat, and dust so long as it leads to a great view.

One final thing: this park is incredibly remote. While this is awesome for anyone looking to truly land themselves in the middle of nowhere as a getaway, you’ll need to have decent navigational skills and well-working emergency equipment.

Sam Houston National Forest

Yup, Texas has national forests—four of them, to be exact, according to the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service. We love Sam Houston National Forest for its cozy feel complete with several creek crossings, according to RiderPlanet USA. Pine trees and soft colors abound, and you might even find it cooler here than in the other parks thanks to the abundance of shade.

Though some of the trails may be narrow, a variety of pedestrian types use them, from equestrians to your garden-variety hiker. Be mindful while you drive, and make sure you allow plenty of space for those you pass to react.

Matagorda Beach, Texas Gulf Coast

Because Texas is such a vast state, it offers all kinds of terrain. From forests to farmland, there are so many areas to ride your adventure bike. If you live in or are planning a trip to the Gulf Coast, remember to bring your bike with you. Here, you’ll get to ride along the beach itself. What could be better than feeling the ocean breeze on your face and seeing the sunset beneath the waves? You can drive along the shore, but just be careful to go the speed limit. You’ll also need to get a pass to drive our vehicle, including any ATVS or motorcycles, but it’s only a small fee.

Matagorda Beach has over 23 miles of accessible shore area. So, before and after you enjoy your ride, you can paddleboard, collect shells, or even swim. It’s a great area to visit with a group of friends and family.

Gator Run Offroad Park

Located in Tatum, Texas close to the Louisiana border, Alligator Run boasts miles of off roading trails. Here, you can take your adventure bike or any other ATV to explore the largest offroad park in the state. This park also includes fun experiences. You can check out sand dunes or go through an obstacle course.

You can also camp in the area as there are dozens of campsites there. They even have water and electricity. So, if you're looking to go on a camping/motorcycle adventure, this is a great place to check out. You can enjoy quality time with loved ones at the campsite area, which has on-site staff.

Plus, since it’s a designated ATV park, you won’t have to worry as much about what the rules are. You’ll already know you're allowed to roam and explore the area without any issues!

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