CFMOTO is proud to announce a new accessory for our ATVs and side by sides: plows! No more breaking your back with a shovel to get the driveway clear; let your powerful machine tackle the job for you. You’ll save yourself time, stress, and more sore muscles than you can count.

Though plowing with your CFMOTO ATV or CFMOTO side by side is relatively easy once you get the hang of it, there is still a right and wrong way to do things. Misuse of the equipment can not only fail to get the job done, but it also can damage both your plow and machine, resulting in costly repairs and your needing to drift-bust out of your driveway for your morning commute.

If you want to make use of this tough tech, you’ll need to do it smartly. Below, an ATV company and side by side manufacturer has a few tips and helpful how-to’s on how to use your new plow correctly—and get your money’s worth while you’re at it.

Take it Easy on the Speed

Though your CFMOTO can zip down the trails practically like a bobsled, once the plow is on, it’s time to get to work—no speedy business! You’ll want to keep your speed under ten miles an hour, preferably five or less, for a multitude of reasons.

One of which is the potential for hidden objects or ice drifts under the snow. Though you can swear your driveway is clear, you never can be one-hundred percent sure, especially if you have kids who have been outside playing or you’ve got snow obscuring its borders. Icy chunks can be a hazard too, as hitting one at a high enough inertia can damage any plow—and also jerk you painfully about in the driver’s seat.

Second would be the potential for injury. Plows are heavy, sharp pieces of equipment; if you were to lose control, hitting a person could send them to the hospital. As mentioned earlier, sudden stops can also mean the driver gets thrown about—and potentially hurt—so it’s simply in everybody’s best interests if you take things slowly.

Feel free to play the powder day away on your CFMOTO. Just get serious and finish up your driveway first!

Watch Your Depth

Any plow has the potential to do some serious damage to your yard when it’s set at the improper depth. Depth refers to how much the plow will “dig in,” so to speak; it will need to be at a larger level for larger amounts of snow. If, however, you’ve set the depth inappropriately, you’ll tear up your lawn if you happen to drive on it, not to mention do some serious damage to the plow blade while you’re at it.

You’ll set this depth according to the snow accumulation levels—but be sure to use your driveway as a benchmark and not the snow in your yard or your drift height. Err on the shallower side to be safe. You can always come back and get more snow with another pass, but once you’ve dug into your driveway or damaged your plow, the damage is much harder to undo.

Use Gravity to Help You

When plowing, go from high to low when it comes to slope. Not only is this easier on the machine, but it also makes sure the job stays done. If snow is piled on top of a slope, it can melt and refreeze on your driveway, making it a skating rink. As a rule of thumb, always push snow with gravity on your side, for the sake of your machine, your plow, and your driveway’s future traction.

If you’ve got a straight, sloping driveway, this is pretty easy; those with more wildly shaped ones would be best off partitioning off sections and handling the job that way, taking care to mind the melt-paths and varying depth requirements. Start at the highest point and work towards the lowest, always moving the snow to as low a point as you can. You don’t need to make a massive hill at the bottom of your driveway—but you do need to angle your plow with respect to 

Store Stuff Right

When you wrap up your plowing job, you can’t just pull your CFMOTO ATV or CFMOTO side by side into the shed, plow attached, and go in for cocoa. It’s critical that you lower your plow to the ground or otherwise take it off your machine! Left to sit, the plow will put unnecessary strain on your carriage and winch, and while CFMOTO products are as tough as they come, this is unnecessary wear for any ATV or side by side.

You’ll also want to do a quick once-over and rid your plow and machine of snow before closing up shop. Such snow can become nigh impossible to remove once it hardens, and exposure to moisture were it to melt also creates the perfect conditions for rust.

CFMOTO: One Machine, Countless Possibilities

With our comprehensive line of accessories and strong engines in our machines to boot, you’ll find no better brand when it comes to providing a thrilling outdoor experience. Use our online CFMOTO Dealer Locator now and get yourself in the driver’s seat!