Nothing’s better than kicking up some powder on a cold winter’s day on the back of your CFMOTO ATV or CFMOTO side by side. Powerful machines combined with a crystalline atmosphere and best friends at your side—it’s no wonder that winter is a favorite riding time for many.

That being said, equally as many CFMOTO enthusiasts hate riding in the winter, for one primary reason: the cold. Whether it’s the humidity, the snow, or even the rain, chill has a way of getting up into your bones this time of year. It can cut rides short and send you scuttling back indoors to spend a few hours under a mound of blankets, rubbing the numbness out of your toes. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can be a full-out safety hazard, too; check out our ATV company blog “How to Have the Best Snowy ATV Ride” for more info on that.

If you’re dreading colder temperatures as we head into January, though don’t—CFMOTO has your back. Below, we’ll touch on a few vehicle add-ons that can pull their weight and more when it comes to keeping you warm this winter.

Stay Warm Behind a Windshield

Lots of riders love the wind in their face; that’s why some form of eye protection is recommended, after all. While the right visor or goggles can do a ton as far as weather protection goes, as we covered in our ATV and side by side manufacturer blog “How to Find the Right ATV Helmet for You,” cold-conscious riders can benefit from a larger version: a windshield.

Though it won’t protect you from air temperatures themselves, a windshield does what its name implies: shields you from the wind and blowing snow. And in states where the wind chills can regularly dip into the negatives, this can make the difference between rideable weather and an outright unsafe situation. CFMOTO utility side by side owners can also benefit from such an accessory. When the chores need doing, the weather won’t wait, and a windshield makes a valuable addition to foot-warmers and a solid pair of winter gloves.

CFMOTO offers windshields for select side-by-sides in both half-height and full-height versions. They can be affixed to the front of your vehicle, the back, or both, if you want maximum wind protection. Select CFMOTO CFORCE ATVs also have front windshield availability.

Dodge the Chill With Doors

Side windshields? If you want to envision doors for your CFMOTO side by side like that, sure. They protect you from blowing snow and sideways gusts, which is especially helpful when driving through powdery drifts, as the breeze tends to swirl them around. But doors do more than that; when paired with windshields, they can completely enclose the driver of a CFMOTO side by side in a weatherproof box. You’ll have a space to get out of the cold whenever you need it, which can mean the difference between life and death for those who use their CFMOTO for work or sport. Farmers and hunters, take note!

If you’re worried about your doors trapping too much heat in the summer, don’t be. Ours feature fold-back windows to let the breeze in if needed.

Keep Warming Products at Hand With an Overhead Storage Compartment

Any smart cold-weather rider will bring along the essentials: hand-warmers, spare gloves, snacks, phone batteries, the like. While many CFMOTOs come with rear storage compartments or cargo boxes, pausing the ride or the chores to exit your vehicle, trudge through the snow in your heavy winter clothes, and pull out what you need isn’t always convenient, feasible, or warm.

Enter CFMOTO’s overhead storage bag for our UFORCE models and that problem becomes a thing of the past. With its fantastically large storage capabilities, it can carry anything and everything you need for auxiliary warming. Dust flaps keep your belongings safe and dry, and it’s made with visibility in mind, so that you always can keep a close eye on your phone, map or your running stash of foot warmers.

Stay Cozy With Heated Seats

Seem a little overkill? Trust us: once you’ve tried a CFMOTO side by side with heated seats, you won’t want to go back. While windshields and doors will block out the cold, heated seats actively generate warmth, making your cab into a portable warming house that works even on the coldest days. Both driver and passenger options are available; go with one or the other for economical reasons or splurge and get both for maximum toastiness.

While all sorts of riders can take advantage of this feature, those who brave weather extremes to do what they love will do so the most. Those with physical circumstances that make them vulnerable to cold, such as health conditions, might need them if they are to ride in the first place.

Design Your Ideal Ride With CFMOTO

With our comprehensive line of a-la-carte accessories and huge variety of vehicles, the perfect ride for you is only a trip to your motorsports store away. Use our online CFMOTO Dealer Locator today!